Team Fencepost Request – Interview 3

Happy Friday, Team Fencepost!

It’s that time again!

Interview question #3.

What is the best advice that you were ever given and by whom?

My Dad didn’t think he was an intelligent person.

And maybe he wasn’t.

Of course, I thought he was. I guess every child thinks their parents are better than any other human being that ever graced their presence.


And my oldest son was no different.

One time he asked me a question that I didn’t have an answer to. He didn’t believe that I didn’t know the answer.

He said, “You’re a Mom, you’re supposed to know everything.”

That shocked me and made me smile

It made me realize that my child thought I was the one who hung the moon. He actually thought I had intelligence.


My Dad gave me this advice that has stuck with me and it has become a constant in my life.

“Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. Then you’ll know what the other guy knows and what you know. And you’ll be smarter than him.”

Because of this advice, I have learned a lot.

And because of this advice I have been taken the wrong way. People don’t get me because I don’t talk a lot. Well, until I get to know you, by “listening”.

I listen to find out what we have in common to talk about.

But then there are times when I run across a person that is quiet like me and I’m stuck in an awkward position.  I love getting to know people. So I start asking questions. Call it being nosey or curious, whatever you like. But I love meeting people, from all places and backgrounds. Which is why I am loving this blog so much. I am getting to know my teammates.

Or, they think I’m snobby. Which really gets under my skin. I am not one to judge a person. I accept people for who they are. And I expect the same.

Being snobby would not even be considered as a description of myself. Actually, I am the opposite.

I did not take my Father’s advice to mean that I should be smarter than others. And I don’t think he meant it that way.

I took it to mean, to learn from others.

For instance…

I learned a lot about automobiles and how they work, by listening to my Dad and others talk about working on vehicles. And watching what they were doing every chance I got.

No, I’m not a mechanic. But I can do the basic things like changing oil and tires and such. And I can figure most things out, like you read in this post.

But it did get my foot in the door in the auto industry, which is where I have worked for the last several years.

Now that you’ve had another peek into my world.

Tell me…

What is the best advice you were ever given and by whom?

And if you feel like it…

tell me how you have applied it to your life.