Atleast She Has A Job

I mentioned to you that I have joined the ranks in the unemployment line.

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I’m there.

Back to the unemployment line.

Tuesday, I called in to the automated phone thing and was told there was an unresolved issue and I must report to the unemployment office.

So, bright and early, Wednesday morning, I get Boo off to school and drive to the unemployment office.


Stand in line a few minutes.

Then I am greeted by a not-so-nice clerk/front desk person/receptionist, whatever you call her.

I tell her why I’m there.

She says, “Did it say you were approved?”

“Well, no. It said to report to the unemployment office. So here I am.”

She says, “You are approved, but it takes up to 4 weeks for the home office to approve the approval.”

“Okay, when I applied for unemployment, they told me I must do what the automated thingy says.”

And she repeats the whole thing again.

Three more times to be exact.

Everytime I open my mouth to ask a question, I get the same thing.

I am trying to get out of her if they need me for something or do I just ignore the automated thingy and go home.

But she won’t stop interrupting me with her “I’m tired of telling you this” attitude, and let me ask if I need to stay or go.

I realize that she probably gets this question 100 times a day.

But my crystal ball is broken and I haven’t perfected my ESP abilities yet.

All she had to say was, it is an automated recording just ignore it.

And with a smile, pleez!

Believe me, if my crystal ball weren’t broken, I wouldn’t even be there. I would be working at whatever job the crystal ball showed me.

This was in the A.M., can you imagine what her attitude was like by 5 P.M.?

This is a trying time for us all. And I realize that people may be a little short tempered.

But atleast SHE has a job.