Stupid Little Phobia

Ya’ll have read about my truck, right?

I know I keep going on and on about how much I love my truck.

This time I’m gonna tell you a funny story about my tuck.

I think I’ve told you about how claustrophobic I am.

This is an example of that.

Not of the inside of the truck. It’s a big truck. Four door. My “family” car. Plenty of room.

It’s the outside.


I know what you’re thinking. How can she be claustrophobic on the outside?

Well, I’ll tell ya how.

See, anyone who has a newer model diesel engine, knows they have two fuel filters. One filters the dirt and trash that you get from diesel fuel.

The other filters the water that gets in the fuel. And every so often, when that little light on the dash comes on, you have to drain the water from the filter.

Or else, it messes with the engine. And the world as you know it will come to an end. Which is what would happen if anything ever happens to my truck.

Yes, I love it that much!

So anyway, my brother calls me to tell me he’s having problems with his truck. Wants to know if I can come get him, help him gather some tools and take him back to his truck.

Okay, sure. I’ll be right there.

So I go get him and on the way back to my house, this little light comes on. Oh, geez. I can’t drive the truck with that light on. The Captain is working, so I have to handle it, so I can take my brother back to his truck and help him get back on the road.

This had happened one time before and The Captain left the tool in the console that’s needed to drain the filter. No problem, right?


Problem #1: I had to find the filter, cause I wasn’t there when he drained it the first time.

Consult owners manual.

Problem 2: It’s under here.


Yeah. Under the driver’s seat, along the frame rail. To get to it, you have to squeeze under the step rail.

Not happening.

Oh, I can fit, but with no room to spare.

So I try to go under here. Problem #3


I told you it’s under the drivers seat. In order for me to get to it, I have to be almost completely under the truck.

I tried. I couldn’t go past my knees. Meaning, I was under the truck and only my legs, from the knee down,and feet were sticking out. Not far enough. I couldn’t go any further.

I scoot back out from under the truck. Think on it a minute and try again.

I know you can see me standing there looking at the truck and scratching my head.

Still couldn’t go all the way under the truck.

 My keys were in the truck.

Mind you, the only people there were me and my brother and he was off in the shed, hunting tools. I scooted back out, grabbed my keys and tried again. Still cannot stand the thought of being completely under the truck.

So, I go here. Problem #4


I’m thinking, if I can start the truck, turn the wheel out, then I’ll have enough room to squeeze between the wheel and the fender. Still not enough room for me to be comfortable enough to not feel penned in.

Why couldn’t they put the darn filter here…


Where’s there is plenty of room to get under without feeling trapped?

It’s not the feeling of confinement or restriction that bothers me. It’s not being able to escape that gets me.

I finally pulled the front end of the truck on a small hill. Making more room under here…


Set the emergency brake. Chalked the wheels. Keys in my pocket.

I drained the water from the filter.

And my brother and I were on our way.

Just goes to show…

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

I can’t let some stupid little phobia control me!

Have you ever been in this situation?

Not necessarily, with a fuel filter in an inconvenient place.

But in a situation, that you were forced to overcome a fear?

You know, it is possible.

8 comments on “Stupid Little Phobia

  1. Yes, one morning, when we still had black and white TV and an outside antenna, reception was bad. I was still in my nightgown, four small kids running around in the house, I put the ladder under the opening to the attic and hoisted myself up into he space, looked back to where antenna came into house, and started crawling along on my hands and knees trying to be very careful not to fall through the ceiling. When i get back to the family room area, had to crawl through like another opening, did it, got to where I wanted but still couldn’t fix the problem, so I started back. And for some reason, I felt like I was frozen in that spot. That opening looked very, very far away. Then I got to thinking, I’m in my nightgown, four little kids running around in the house unattended, I doubt any of them would know who to call, this was before we had 911 to dial. Believe me once I got back on the garage floor, I NEVER, NEVER TRIED THAT AGAIN.

    I also don’t like to be in an area where things are way to close to my face, I don’t panic, but I don’t like it. Last year when I had to have a complete body scan, I kept my eyes shut and tried thinking of other things, but I swear I could still feel my own breath as I lay there trying not to breathe too much. I knew the opening was right there at my face, with little or no room and I didn’t want to open my eyes to see it. LOL

    Glad your mission was accomplished.

  2. That is too funny, I felt like I was standing on the side watching you (quietly laughing-I’m sorry that’s my nature) I am also impressed that you can and would do that! I do not like to be any small place where I am restricted to move my arms and legs freely.

  3. I have the same fear. I was given an ultimatem. I had to put the plastic under the house or go without getting power. Yes I did it. The entire time thinking of what kind of spiders and other creepy crawlies were in my audience. Then there was the Stray cat that showed up under there. Yea, that was pretty. The whole time I know I’m safe b/c my hubby is right outside working on the deck!

  4. I’m also claustrophobic. When I was in High School I was riding in the back seat of a two door hatch back, when the car began to smoke. I was the first one out the door.

  5. Becky-I wouldn’t relish crawling under any vehicle! I’m claustrophobic too. Another thing we have in common!! I’m just glad you figured out how to fix it!

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