The Archer

My youngest son decided he was interested in archery.

They have classes for this in the local schools, but not until high school.

He’s not even a teenager yet.

So, The Captain bought him a compound bow and his grandparents bought him some classes.

From the beginning it has seemed to come natural for him.

Here, he’s getting ready to shoot during archery class.


Just look at that form.


Getting instruction. Trying to figure out why he’s shooting off to the right of center. Or southeast of the bulls eye, if you want to get technical.


She called in an archer that competes professionally, to assist. Who just happens to hang around the shop a bit.


His bow had been knocked over by someone accidentally. And knocked his sights off. With the sites reset, he’s shooting again.


All of the kids in this class either have a recurve bow or a childs compound bow.


Not Boo. He’s still a child, the same age and younger than some of the other students.

But he’s already adult size.

With an 18″ draw, it made no sense to buy a childs compound bow.

And not only that, he’s set at a 55 lb. pull back. And pulls it back with ease.

I used to be able to pull that back with only a little struggle.

Not so sure about now. I haven’t tried it.

I’m skeered to.

7 comments on “The Archer

  1. 55lb-WOW Boo is strong! The Deer Hunter will be so impressed-and the girls will be jealous. I think Archery is a great hobby for Boo-especially since he has a natural talent for it. Archery can be a great confidence builder-it is at my house! As well as a good way to supply meat for the family.

  2. Hi Becky, that is a very nice post about your son. It is great how his family supports him in his archery. That will make a good impression on his life. I’m sure you are so proud of him. I was not blessed with a son, but a grandson whom I adore. When he was very young…I can’t remember exactly how old, maybe around six. My husband bought him a 22 rifle. He shot the bull’s eye on the target right away.

  3. Very nice post. I’ve never tried archery, but Abe use to. Years ago. He would even go deer hunting with a bow. Thank goodness he never killed one, and finally he decided what am I doing sitting out here in this cold, dampness trying to kill a Bambi. LOL SO he gave it up.

    Sounds like this is something your son is going to enjoy doing. He’ll probably be competing in archery contest or what ever they’re called. Tell him good luck.

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