Who Were These People?

Before, I had told you how I would like to know more about our farm.

And I have posted other pictures of it here.

This is where the original house once stood. These are the foundation columns that remain. There are three still standing.


They are about eye level with me.


The bottles are what I found yesterday on my trip to the original house site.

It was too beautiful and sunny to stay inside. So I took another walk around the farm. It was about 70 outside.

Here’s a close-up of one of the columns.


And another. I looked to see if there was a stamp of some sort telling me a year or a name of the company on the bricks. Not a thing that I could see.


There were only a few bricks to start out the columns. Then they were finished with the rock that is found here on the farm.

And there are several pieces of broken foundation lying around.


Here is the original hand dug well covered with a car hood to keep unsuspecting souls from falling in.


Notice how old the car hood looks.

Here is looking down into the dry well.


These are easter lillies that have begun to sprout. They are in what would have been the front yard of the originial house site.


These are in the back yard.


The trees in the next two pictures are in the back yard and to the right of the original house site.



Each time I visit this site it makes me even more curious to know more about the farm.

Did the lady of the house plant those lillies?

And did she look forward to them sprouting each year, just like I do when I search for them this time of year.

And how big were those trees when this house was standing?

Were they sapplings, just beginning, like the trees that surround these majestic beauties?

Who were these people? Where did they come from? Why did they leave?

SomedayI’ll know. And I’ll share it with you.

12 comments on “Who Were These People?

  1. Oh a mystery!! What a grea place, I would want to know too!! Oh the stories that must be hidden there. I love the lillies. Oh get your CSI kit out and let us know what you find!!

  2. I always love the pictures from your farm and I really hope you are able to find out something about the original tenants. Maybe the first lady to live there also had a fear of cows…or a fondness for animal noses. You never know! 😉

  3. Hi Becky,
    You did have a grand walk on the farm. How interesting. I love doing things like that. I am interested to know what you might find out. When my grandchildren were small, we would go on walks but we would call it “going exploring”. It is so much fun when one pays close attention to things around them.
    You are so blessed.

  4. You must have wrote this post just for me 🙂 you know how I love love stuff like this. Thinking about who lived there-seeing them go to the well, seeing the lady adding beauty to her hard life-wondering why they died out-why know one took over their house and stayed-it all gives me chills. Maybe you can find out some details-or maybe you can write your own story about it all.

  5. I love your pictures, especially the well. I think it’s amazing how the daffodils keep coming up every year. Sometimes I’ll look at the hillsides bordering the interstate and see flowers blooming that were planted long ago.

  6. I can hardly wait until you find out and share!

    Love this post. It makes me long for spring in my growing up years. I hate spring here and dread it, but I’m longing for a taste of yours.

  7. I have the old duke farm here! a still, old junk cars, lots of amber and clear colored gallon bottles and mason jars , pastures all kinds of animal cages and old garden spots.( but thoses shorts are alittle more frayed now so I am not going to wear them! hee hee )

    like the pics, love to imagine the lifestlyes of the people that lived long ago.

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