Team Fencepost Request – Interview 2

I hope you’re ready for another interview question!

I really enjoyed your answers to the first interview question.

Now that we’ve determined the reasons why you began to blog…

lets move on to…

What’s the story behind the name of your blog?


Well, I had determined that I wanted to start a blog and coming up with a name had me at a loss.

The Captain, Boo and I were walking around the farm one day.

And you know how I love this farm and how I like to walk around looking for interesting things.

I wanted it to reflect my country life, the farm and my sometimes twisted sense of humor.

When we ran upon a twisted tree that someone had nailed a strand of barbed wire to.

And there a name was born.

Twisted Fencepost seemed to portray all the aspects I was looking for.

Now if you don’t have a blog and are looking for a name…

Take a walk, it might just come to you from an unexpected place.

16 comments on “Team Fencepost Request – Interview 2

  1. I love your blog name, like I said before that is why I clicked on it – too cool not to. My name came from, always being asked “why” regardless it is always “why” I don’t know Why I don’t have all the answers. But, somehow I lost the need to answer the “whys” and just been free wheeling it and rambling . I speak more with pictures than words. I enjoy looking at everybodies pictures too.

  2. Red Dirt Woman… because I was born in the red dirt area of Oklahoma and after years of being in other areas finally moved back to the red dirt and I love it. It speaks to me of “home”.


  3. I too love your blog name and I was drawn to it because there is a property of a neighbor here called Twisted River Ranch and I love that name as well. I named my blog “The Little Egg Farm” because that is really about all it is. 6 acres, anywhere between 8 to 12 hens who lay our eggs for us and a couple of beef every couple of years. This is fun Becky.

  4. Your blog name fits you just fine, especially after you showed us the old fence post with the rusted nail.

    I tried several different names and really can’t even remember them now. But at modblog Abe had a blog and he also had one at blogger and he called himself Oldmanlincoln, so I thought why can’t I be Oldladylincoln and I tried using it and it was excepted, so that’s how I became Oldladylincoln. Plus at the time, we were the oldest ones we knew of blogging, at blogspot, but we have found more in our age bracket which is rather nice.

  5. I call my blog ‘Writing in the Blackberry Patch’ because I have rows of blackberries in my yard and I also write. I started my blog in Sept when I was still picking blackberries, it seems like I spent my whole summer in that blackberry patch. So I decided if I was to continue to write it would have to be while in the blackberry patch, thus ‘Writing in the Blackberry Patch’ seemed like the perfect name.

  6. Mine, I liked the name. I like frogs, and I thought it was a cool name. I used to want to own a rubber stamp store, and that’s what I would have named it. I probably got it from a restaurant I used to see called The Potted Steer. But really, it’s nothing like that at all! I also use that as my trail name for letterboxing.

    I love how you came up with your name!

  7. My blog is called “MaMa’s Place”. I think that is because my role as MaMa is one of the most important parts of my life. My “place” has been a gathering place for my grandchildren……more so when they were younger….they spent a lot of time with me. So, my blog became “MaMa’s Place”. My blog is just a place of sharing. I like to blog about my grandchildren, my family, my vacations, fishing and just whatever interesting think that takes place in my life.

  8. When I was developing my blog-I searched for a name that was Appalachian, catchy, meaningful-and came up with nothing! But a friend suggest the Blind Pig & The Acorn-derived from the saying “even a blind pig can find an acorn every once in a while” I loved it from the minute he shared it with me! It even described my worrying about whether or not I could actually manage a blog.

    Twisted Fence Post is an awesome blog name-catchy, interesting, and it does describe your blog perfectly!

  9. On A Rainy Night. We live in the Pacific NorthWET, on the Oregon coast and I had started my blog so the family and friends we had left behind in Wyoming could keep up with us. (Little did I know where this journey would take me!) I thought the name was perfect for a quick visit to our stormy coast.

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