It Has A Story To Tell

Here on the farm there always seems to be something interesting to look at.

It’s just a matter of taking a walk with camera in hand.

Take, for instance, this vine. 


Here’s the same vine from another angle.


Here is it’s path to the tree that it was destined to follow.


I showed it here with my hand, to give you an idea of how big it actually is.


I wonder how old it really is.

And here is a fencepost from days gone by. Notice the rusted nail.


Here’s the top of it. I wonder how old it is.


It makes me wonder about the hands that nailed the fence to it, so long ago.

And here is proof that the horses are interested in what’s on the other side of the fence.


I have traced the deeds to this farm back to when they were handwritten.

But that only gives me a name. Not the history of the farm.

It has a story to tell, I only need to find the person to tell it.

Happy Thursday!