Honestly, Who Wants To Know?

The Reddirt Woman has tagged me

And I hope she don’t regret it.

So here are the rules that follow this award…

First, list 10 honest things about yourself, and make it interesting. Even if you have to dig deep.

Dig deep, you say?

Well, okay, but I hope I don’t embarrass myself.


Then, pass the award on to 7 people you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap Award.

I’m not too good at following the rules, so I’ll just stick with the first one.

But if anyone feels inclined to play along, by all means, we’d love to read some Honest Scrap about you!

I mean really, who wants to know any “Honest Scrap” about me.



Ohhhh, okay. If I must.

You might want to read this as you peek between your fingers.

Just kiddin’. It’s not that bad.

Atleast I don’t think so. But you let me know if I need to come back and edit. Okay?

1. I love scary movies. The gorrier, the better. (and yes, it IS TOO a word)

2. I’m like Reddirt Woman. I don’t like to hurt feelings, but I more so don’t like to lie. So don’t ask me, if ya don’t want the truth. Just ask my friends, they’ll tell you how true that statement is.

3. I hate my hair. If it wouldn’t piss off The Captain, I’d shave it all off, and go GI Jane.

4. I have a mole on my right knee. My Mom called it a dirty spot. And when I was a child I would scrub that dirty spot till my knee turned red. It’s still there.

5. In one point of my life, I wanted to bungee jump and parachute. I have since decided that I don’t have to jump off bridges and out of airplanes to have lived a full life.

Whew, halfway there. This ain’t easy, ya’ll!

6. When I was a young girl, I resented that fact. The fact that I was a girl. And when the speed bumps started sprouting I refused to wear a bra, I guess I was rebelling against the fact that I was born of the female gender. I got over it.

7. I have not felt any greater pain than the pain of childbirth. And I don’t care to either!!

8. I laugh when people fall. Of course, between giggles, I find out if they’re okay, but I can’t help it. It’s not the fall that’s funny. It’s the act of falling. And I’m not the only person who feels this way. C’mon, be honest, you laugh too!! And sadly, this trait has passed on to my offspring.

9. I typed the b in but, in #9, six times before I got a b out of it. It kept moving around and I couldn’t get it. Honest!

And last, but not least…

10. I can look you in the eye and tell you the biggest lie you ever heard. And make you believe it. But I don’t. See #2.

Okay, now you have it. The dirt on Fencepost.

Happy now? tee hee

Is there anything I need to edit?



So how about spilling the dirt on you?

Hey, if I can play along, so can you!

And while I’m on the subject of Reddirt Woman

See what she sent me….


Yep, earrings.

Earrings she made herself.

Pretty rainbow colors, too.

It was a consolation prize, cause I didn’t win the Hoochie MaMa Wahoo grand prize.

(Don’t say anything, but I think she felt sorry for me. Course it could have had something to do with all that blubbering and whining I did when I found out I didn’t win.)

I just love handmade things!!!

Thank you, Reddirt Woman!

P.S. How many times did you giggle at my dirt list? Don’t tell me you didn’t. I saw you!