Saucy Sunday – Hungry

How do you say “I’m Hungry”?

Some say, “I’m famished”.

Others may say, “Where’s the grub?”

A friend that stayed with us a while, would ask if there was anything he could do to help me fix dinner. Hinting that he was hungry.

I’d tell him that “Hinton is up the river”. Those of you from West Virginia will recognize that phrase.

Then there’s some colorful expressions about how hungry someone was.


I’m so hungry, I could eat the north bound out of a south bound chicken. Which is a favorite saying of my brother.


I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse. In other words, you’d have to be starving to even consider that one.

A favorite family saying that has been around my house all my life is…

Grab it and growl.

After the blessing was said and we started to pass the food around the table.


I just think, “What can I find to cook?”

Since everyone looks to me for sustenance. I’m the chief cook and bottle washer around my house.

Unless, of course, I’m not in the mood to cook. Then I declare it a “fend for yourself night”.

Which is usually met with sad, confused faces.

Then the look of question evolves and they start scrounging around for something in the pantry or fridge.

And I feel guilty.

12 comments on “Saucy Sunday – Hungry

  1. I just say “I’m starving” but my husband’s family says “Grab and Growl” like yours! I like to cook-but am lucky that my husband does too-so it’s not always left up to me.

  2. I’m starving! I’m hungry this morning, but just can’t seem to get started. I’m used to my son, Andrew, calling on his way home from work and asking “What’s for supper?” When my cell phone rings and it’s him, sometimes I’ll just answer with what we’re having to eat instead of waiting for him to ask me. And then there’s the favorite question “Are you going to cook?”
    Well, I’ve go to go fix me something, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.

  3. Speaking of Hinton, we were there this past Summer for a few days. Abe’s Mother was from that area. Hinton looks like it was built on the side of a mountain to me, everything seemed like it was either going up hill or down hill.

    I know what you mean about thinking up something to feed them. Usually Sunday evenings it’s a fend for yourself, because there is usually left overs from Sunday (dinner/lunch) Today it will be pork roast and probably Stove Top and some kind of a vegetable, and no dessert, unless it’s fruit.

    Last Sunday I fixed a rump roast I got on sale, mashed potatoes, made gravy, fixed corn, slaw, and made a pan of brownies. I also had invited my Mom and another daughter, so they each brought a pie, we had apricot that only Mom can make so delicious, lemon meringue daughter made, plus she made a loaf of whole grain bread and a few dinner rolls. So we had more then enough.

    Last night I didn’t feel much like cooking, so I used the left over roast beef, shredded it, put a can of Heinz beef gravy over it and served it on toast. Granddaughter had left over spaghetti from night before, I also had more corn and more slaw left from the night before, so Abe and Melissa had that, myself I just ate a slice of plain bread with a little gravy mixture on it. I wasn’t that hungry.

    We don’t have fancy food, just plain ole ordinary stuff. Melissa stopped on her way home from the library and having blood drawn yesterday and picked up some items for the Super Bowl Game, which I don’t watch, but we have this huge pizza that Kroger’s makes, some kind of dip to go along with corn chips, Little Debbie snacks, candy and pop. Real good wholesome food items. LOL What the heck, you only go around once, at least that we know of. LOL Have a good day.

  4. Howdy. See Patty has been here already so I will say I like Hinton but can’t imagine getting up the twisted road my mom lived on in the 1920s and 1930s. Do you know where Hix Post office is? I think grandpa called it that. He went there to get his groceries.

    I noticed before that you have me linked on blogs that you follow but the one you have is no longer around.

    Now it is any of these

    and two others. The Brookville Daily blog and the other one is called Stepping on Cracks. You will know what that means if you ever walked on sidewalks and tried not to step on the cracks.

  5. I have a friend who grew up in Thailand with a missionary family. He would get so offended when I said, “I’m starving!” He’d say to me, “You have no idea what starving is. You’re hungry, you’re not starving.” He had seen starvation. I’m learning to not use that term. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by my place. Glad you enjoyed the video. I have no idea what I’m making tonight. We call them “scrounging around” nights. Guess this is one of ’em! Come back anytime. I sincerely appreciate it. 🙂

  7. Don’t feel guilty! The way my life is, I don’t always cook because I “work” in the evening, and I’m usually so busy I don’t have time to get food ready on the days I work. So I schedule into my menu “fend for yourself” nights. They can operate microwaves. When are there no leftovers to heat up!?

    But the story was cute, even if I think you shouldn’t feel guilty!

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