Saucy Sunday – Orange Juice

 Have you ever drank fresh orange juice?


I mean straight from an orange. Not from a carton.


I love fresh orange juice.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of extra time to make it.


Which is why The Captain bought this juicer about a year ago.


And when I make apple juice, my horses love the left over pulp.


There’s usually not a lot of pulp left over from oranges.


And I’m not too sure the horses would like it anyway.

So how about you. Do you use a juicer regularly or do you find it easier to buy from the store and let someone else do the work?


16 comments on “Saucy Sunday – Orange Juice

  1. We don’t drink orange juice often, it seems to upset the stomach, I guess too much acid. And when I did buy it, I was lazy, bought it already prepared. We do eat a fresh orange now and then, that doesn’t seem to hurt the stomach. Joys of growing old? Probably, but then I have always had a problem with too much acid in my stomach.

  2. I don’t drink alot of orange juice either because it give me a stomach ache too. But, I do love it. AND when I am brave enough to inhale it I love to have the pulp in it.

  3. I have made fresh orange juice a few times but I don’t have the nice juicer like you. It’s more work when you have to do manually. But I do love it!

    Maybe the Orioles would like the pulp? I don’t know…

  4. I wish we had a juicer. I drink orange juice every day and the kind I like is really expensive. Maybe I should invest in one.

  5. Great series. I’m not a coffee drinker, so start everyday with a fresh glass of OJ (not from concentrate). Your post has made me thirsty. Blue Skies.

  6. I love orange juice. We’ve had juicers before, but never really used them, so I would get rid of them at a yard sale. It seems like it would take an awful lot of oranges to make very much juice. We buy the kind in a carton.

  7. I have a juicer, and have had fresh oj. But I only do it on occasion. Don’t have a tree to pick fresh from and I find it too expensive to buy oranges for just that purpose.

  8. I don’t have a juicer, but now I want one. I’m with Rottlady… I’d put the pulp out on a plate or a flat feeder and see if the Orioles or others would go for it. And when I get chickens, I’d try that, too.

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