Lemonade Ear Questions


That title got your attention. Didn’t it?

C’mon, tell the truth.

When you saw that title, you just had to click to find out what the heck I was talking about. Right?

Well, it just so happens, that each word is actually a mini post in itself. But I thought I’d combine the three just to keep you on your toes.

How am I doing?

See what my friend, Trainwreck gave me…



A Lemonade Stand.

The Lemonade Stand Award, stands for blogs that show great attitude and gratitude.

Well I’m not too sure about my attitude, but I try real hard to stay up on top of the mountain. But then some jerk comes and pushes me over a cliff and I have to climb back up.

But hey, the struggle to the top helps you to appreciate the view.

And the gratitude? I cannot express how much I delight in each and everyone of my Fencepost Teammates who visit me everyday up here on top of this mountain.

So here’s a lemonade toast to each of you.

Now, if you enjoy my blog, go over and visit Trainwreck at her blog. She’s a lot of fun with a little bit of teasing. But it’s all in good fun and we can use all the fun she can dish out!

Thanks, Trainwreck! I’d drink lemonade with you anyday.

Now for word #2…

Another blogosphere friend, The Fishing Guy has adorned me with this prestigious award.

When I first seen it, I thought, “What the heck?”!


But then I read the explanation.

The Van Gogh’s Ear Award is for outstanding artistic achievement in art, photography, writing, philosophy, comedy and/or blogging.

Now it makes sense!

I’m not too sure which catagory me and that ear fit in, but if The Fishing Guy says my blog has outstanding artistic achievement…

I believe him, cause he knows what he’s talking about.

Have you seen his blog? If not, your missing out! You need to go over there right now and check it out!

Thanks Fishing Guy! I’m not gonna cut off my ear for you. But I’d drink lemonade with you anytime!

And now for word #3…

I think it’s time for a Team Fencepost question and answer session.

Whaddya think?

So this is how it goes…

First, I pose a question. Second, you answer the question. Then post a question for the next commentor.

Easy, breezy.

Answer my question, answer the question from the previous commentor and leave a question for the next commentor.

Got it?

Play nice!

 Any inappropriate comments or questions will be be deleted!

And a firm slap on the wrist with a ruler will be administered.

Okay, now let’s have some fun!

How much change do you have in your pocket/change purse?

I have $2.55. 

Right now.

But, in 15 minutes, I might visit the break room vending machine and depending on what’s in there will determine what I will have in about 16 minutes.

Okay, now it’s your turn.



20 comments on “Lemonade Ear Questions

  1. Let me see…..I answer your question??

    I have $1.15 in silver coins in my purse plus two tattslotto tickets…..in the hopes I can build on that amount!!

    Then I ask a question for the next person?

    When you turn your head to the right of where you are sitting……what do you see?

  2. If I turn my head to the right I see another desk with my son’s computer on it, and a mess in the floor.
    Now for my question. If you look outside your kitchen window, what do you see?
    Don’t have much of an imagination this morning, do I?

  3. Same thing, different day – maternity yoga pants and a long sleeved tee. Yawn, right? Seriously – I think my husband would cry with joy if I simply put on jeans.

    How does a Real Estate company sell its office without causing confusion?

  4. Wahhahahah … that is really funny, Cottonwife!! I am not going to answer it…just wanted you to know I found that extremely amusing 🙂

  5. I sure wanted some lemmonage now! Hey their not playing right. They last one didn’t leave me a question to answer! so the previous Yes, you killed the comments. LOL
    My Question: If you owned a plastic recycle center what would you use the plastic for?

  6. Congrats on the Ear and the Lemonade Becky!!

    If I owned a plastics recycle center I would use the plastic to make playground equipment for schools-and to make garden fencing.

    What did you have for supper-or what are you having for supper?

  7. Teasing what? Where , who told!? he he Aw thanks my good friend. You deserve an award a day! I love your other award too, Whao would have thought about giving a body part as an award!? I will have to ponder this…. have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Okay, Trainwreck and Noble Pig forgot to leave a ?, so I’m going to answer KlutsyMama’s.
    Plans for the weekend…hmmm…A little extra sleep Saturday morning to start the day right, then I better clean those dust bunnnies out of the corner before they take over. I’m going to do a bit of sewing and make a pot of split pea soup. Not very ambitious, huh?!

    What’s the biggest thing you’re looking forward to in the near future?

  9. Congrats Becky!
    The biggest thing I’m looking forward to in the near future is the chance for more snow Sunday night! Yeah, I know but I love the stuff.

    Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

  10. Congratulations on the awards…you deserve them!

    Yes I decorate for Valentine’s Day…I don’t go overboard…my main decroation is my year around tree that I decorate with sweet Valentine items!

    What’s the temp outside right now???

  11. I actually have $4.05. I usually only have a few pennies that end up in the baby’s piggy bank. It is about 60 outside right now.

    Coke or Pepsi products?

  12. I actually don’t have one red cent. I dumped it all in our change jar a few days ago.

    The last book I read was “The Shack”

    When you cook do you do the dishes or does someone else clean up?

  13. Becky: What a fun game, no wonder I sent you the award.
    I clean up but the wife always thinks I should do it better.
    What is the last movie you saw and where, at home or at the theater?

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