Gotta Love Me

Everyday, I visit as many of my virtual friends as possible. It has become one of my favorite pass times.

I mean, you make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me think and observe. You teach me and make me wonder. You scoot over on your soapbox and let me jump up there and blow off a little steam.

And sometimes, you make me think about me. Which is not something I’m accustomed to.

I’m a wife, mother, sister…

I don’t have time to think about me.

While visiting Klutzymama, she had this meme posted that made me think about me for a nano second.

She tagged anyone who would like to play along. So during that nano second I gave it some thought and decided, I wanna play, too.

So hold onto your bootstraps and check out some random things about me you never knew. And maybe wish you still didn’t.

Well, her meme called for thirteen random things about me, but I’m only gonna do twelve. Check out the first one.

  1. I don’t like the number thirteen. I don’t think I’m superstitious. But I like other numbers better. Like one or three or twelve.
  2. I have a key phobia. (is there a big long phobia word for that?) I cannot be without my keys. I can leave my purse at home or in the car, but I cannot leave my keys. I can even leave the camera behind. But I must have my keys.
  3. I once sang on stage with a live band and I did NOT fall off my high heels.
  4. I have also played guitar on stage with a band.
  5. I cannot have gum in my mouth without chewing it. I cannot stick it in my cheek and let my overworked mouth rest. If it’s in there, I gotta chew. Until I can’t stand it anymore and have to spit it out.
  6. I do not like the color green. Well, except for money. I like that color green, but only on money. Green is for outside. Trees, grass…
  7. I have green carpet all through my house. Go figure!
  8. I have been a “Mommy” longer than I have not been.
  9. I hate it when people ask me, “What’s for dinner?” Especially, when I just walked in the door.
  10. I can’t stand the smell of wet peanut butter. You know when someone spreads peanut butter with a knife and throws the knife in the sink to be washed. Wet peanut butter, can’t stand it. And don’t tell me you’re not gonna take of whiff of that the next time you find a peanut butter coated knife in the kitchen sink!
  11. If not for the need for food, water and a bathroom, I could sit on a beach for days.
  12. My favorite movies to watch are horror flicks. There’s just something about getting the crap scared outta me that gets my heart pumping. Honestly, I giggle through the most of it, cause I know it’s all made up. None of it is real. Atleast that’s what I was told when I was a kid. It is true, isn’t it? It’s not real, right? Wait, don’t tell me. I’m good with things the way they are.

So there.

Twelve things you didn’t and still may not want to know about me.

Yeah, I know. I’m a little strange.


Not strange. Special.

I’m special.



Strange, special or unique, however you want to say it, I’m me. And ya gotta love me!

Thanks, Klutzymama, for inviting me to your playground. It was fun!

So, anyone else out there wanna join us on the playground and get in on the fun?

13 comments on “Gotta Love Me

  1. I loved this post. My favourite colour is green…..I love green everything!! My house is painted green 🙂 I also love horror movies, but my husband does not….so I don’t get to watch many 😦

  2. I hate horror movies. I peek at them through the cracks of my fingers that I’m holding over my face. My two youngest sons love them! The worse they are, the better. I would have nightmares if I watched them
    Yes, I agree, your are special, you are unique.

  3. I love the number thirteen. I was born on the 13th, my baby brother was born on my third birthday, a Friday the 13th. I used to tease him that it took me years to decide that Friday the 13th was good luck.

    I don’t watch horror movies. They scare the crap out of me and I have nightmares, so I don’t watch them.

    And, yes, you are unique… and very special.


  4. I loved finding out more about you Becky!! ~Horror films-scare me to death even though I know they aren’t real~I totally agree about the peanut butter, I even wipe off theknife with a paper towel~3 is one of my favorite numbers~and I say you need to get back on the stage with the band~and lastly YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL!

  5. CRAP!!! I had a whole damn comment and just erased it!!! SOn of aGrrrrrrrr. Well I like our post. I do think you are special. I love to coe over and visit. You are one of my most favorite pals, Now don’t forget to buckle your little helmet before going outside today.No licking the windows before putting it on. ahahahaahhahaa Just playin.
    Love you! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  6. Becky: I loved the list my friend.

    Triskaidekaphobia – The fear of thirteen, this is common.
    Key phobia – Only one person in the world has it so it has not been named; yet. (Coegaidekaphobia) Wel, I just named it. Coeg – Old English for key.
    Does wet peanut butter smell differently, only some one with a key phobia would know.

    I tragged you today on a picture.

  7. Becky you make me laugh.Well I love the color eyes are green and I am thinking of painting our house kind of a celery color when it comes time. That should make you recoil. I agree with everyone, you ARE special not strange.

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