Did You See Fireworks?

How many of you recall the first kiss with your husband, wife, significant other…?

I remember the first kiss I received from The Captain very vividly.

The Captain and I had been friends for a year of so.

First, we started talking over the phone. Then he’d drop in for a visit. Out to dinner. The usual.

On this particular night we had been talking for hours. Knowing we both had to get up and go to work the next day, we continued to chat.

Getting to know eachother.

We knew each other but only casually. Hanging out with friends.

We finally decided we needed to wrap it up, part ways and get some sleep.

He walked to the door, I followed, as any good hostess would do.

Still chatting away, he opened the door. Out onto the stoop, still chatting.

I listened intently as he talked.

When it was my turn, and I don’t remember what I was saying, I was a couple of sentences into my topic when…

He kissed me and turned to leave.


I was shocked. And disappointed. I didn’t even get the chance to kiss back.

See, My Captain is a little shy. He’s a flirt. But when it comes down to it, he’s shy.

I wanted to yell, “Come back here!”

But he was in the truck and leaving by the time I got my thoughts together.

No fireworks.

No stars.

No bells.

No long passionate, arms wrapped around eachother, kiss that went on forever.

No stop, let me take the gum outta my mouth like Richie and his girlfriend on Happy Days.

Just me standing on the stoop, in the dark, with my mouth hanging open, wondering what the heck just happened.


but a memory I will always cherish of my strong, confident but shy Captain.

So, again I ask…

Do you remember your first kiss with your life partner?

Did you see fireworks or stars?

Or were you left hanging, wondering what happened and hoping for more?


14 comments on “Did You See Fireworks?

  1. How sweet is that! I think those kinds of moments are much better than the fairy tale ones that you see on TV anyway.
    Our first kiss was on a park bench right up at the town square and man, it was awesome!
    Glad to see that writer’s block is gone!

  2. I was caught off guard, we were in the car driving someplace, came to a stop sign, he leaned over and kissed me and I wasn’t expecting that, I didn’t get to kiss back either. No I didn’t see fireworks then, but believe me, later there were times when I either saw fireworks, or heard bells. LOL But we’re both Scorpions, so what can you expect? LOL

  3. OoooooOoOo (clapping hands) I Saw Fireworks!!!

    Boy do I have a story for you! Dang it I am in town, and only have my laptop, with about 5 mins of battery life! Yes it is true it a longer than 5 min kiss! haha !!
    I love your “first kiss” The fact that he is a flirt, and shy.So Sweeet!

  4. I am waiting for George Clooney to kiss me as soon as the restraining order is lifted. He will be my life partner. In the meantime, I kiss lots of temporary partners. That doesn’t mean I’m a hussy…just practicing don’t cha know : )
    Well, okay, I’m a hussy.

  5. Oh Lord, our husbands sound alike…only mine isn’t even a flirt! He did not hold my hand on the first date. He didn’t call for two days afterward (later he told be that was because it was in the man’s guide to dating…don’t seem too anxious…bah!) When we finally kissed it was a quick peck on the lips!

  6. Becky: Let’s see, after almost 50 years do I remeber my first kiss with the wife. I must say that is hazy. I did meet here at a record hop and I do remember our first dance. It was danced to Dion and the Belmonts and was called ”Where Or When’. We have been together ever since then.

  7. You know this is awful, but I can’t remember it. Our first date was a blind date set up by his brother and my best friend (who was his brother’s girlfriend). He was in on leave from the Navy. He came to church that night and we sat together and afterwards we went somewhere and then he took me home. I’m sure we kissed, but I’m thinking it was a quick one.

  8. Yep I remember- and yep there were plenty of fireworks, bells, and whistles! Even though some of the total mind blowing excitment may be gone-the love is not and I’m thankful for The Deer Hunter! I’m glad you’ve got the Captain too!

  9. This realy is a good story. I don’t think I even remember, isn’t that awfull.
    Becky, I’m tagging you for a 6th picture meme.
    Check out my blog to see what it is all about.

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