Face First In A Mud Puddle

My Dad told this story of when he was young. Sometime before he married my Mother at the age of 21.

He and two of his friends were at a beer joint, as he called it, along the Elk River. They were common and plentiful back in the day. It was also before there was an age limit on the patrons who visited these beer joints.

Dad was standing with his friends near the screen door. I’m thinking it was summertime and it had been raining.

When two gentlemen at the bar began to have a disagreement. After a few minutes of bickering, one of the men left.

Not long after he walked out the door, my Dad, looked out the screen door and noticed he guy was pilfering around in the trunk of his car. As he turned to come back into the bar, Dad noticed he was carrying a shotgun.

Dad yelled, “He’s got a gun”! And everyone took cover including Dad and his friends.

The man didn’t even re-enter the building, he just started shooting through the screen door. After he ran out of ammo and left, everyone began coming out of their hiding spots.

One of Dad’s friends told Dad he thought he’d been shot. Dad raised his shirt and he had just been peppered with shot from the shot gun. Nothing serious. And luckily no one had been seriously wounded.

They then began to look for their other friend who was missing. They searched all over the inside, not finding him they began searching the parking lot outside.

Dad found him face down in a mud puddle with water up to his ears.

You have to know this friend. He wasn’t quite the brightest bulb in the fixture.

Dad grabbed him by the shirt collar and jerked him up out of the water.

The friend then took a large gasp of air. And Dad let out a large gasp of air.

He thought his friend had been shot to death.

And so did the friend.

Dad said he thinks if he hadn’t pulled him out of that mud puddle, he would have drowned thinking he’d been shot to death.

When Dad told me that story many years later, he could still see in his mind, his friend lying face first in that mud puddle with water up to his ears.

And he still chuckled with amusement as he thought of his clueless friend.


8 comments on “Face First In A Mud Puddle

  1. Was his friend blond? That’s bad isn’t it, but they have so many blond jokes and they sound like they aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed, so thought perhaps his friend was blond. LOL Does make you wonder, would he have laid there in that puddle?? Had he had too much to drink and didn’t know he was laying in the puddle??

    Have a great week-end. We’re having an ice storm here at the moment, just hope it isn’t so heavy that the electrical lines snap.

  2. As a read your story I pictured a place on the Roane/Calhoun Co. line – things like that could have very well happened there in the 70’s. Not that I was ever there. Shh…:)

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