What Would You Be

I think most eveyone has the dream of owning their own business.

Although, everyone owning their own business is not possible. If we all owned and ran our own business, who would that leave to do the work?

It still doesn’t stop us from dreaming.  That’s how successful, useful products are brought to life.

A dream is where it starts.

Some take their dreams to their grave.

Others live to see their dreams fulfulled and perfected.

Wouldn’t it be thrilling to do what you love and make a successful business out of it?!

Actually, look forward to getting up in the morning and starting another day at work.

Instead of dreading getting out of bed, much less, head for work.

For someone else.

Working is not work when you are doing something you enjoy.


I’m not sure what I would do.

There are so many things I love doing. Things I don’t have time to do, due to working for someone else.

Surely, one of them could be made into a successful business.

I do know that it would involve working with my hands.

What things do you love doing and have dreamed of making a business out of?


14 comments on “What Would You Be

  1. I have always wanted to have a cattery….and if I had the land and the money a boarding facility for dogs as well. To step out my door everyday and be able to cuddle and interact with all those wonderful animals while their parents were away would be such a privilege!! That would just be my bliss job…..if I ever won tattslotto I would do that and also look after strays on the side….the money from boarding would help feed the strays!!

  2. I have owned my own business. Two actually. One was a sign business that my aunt Ju and I did together. It was AWESOME! We had so much fun with that. Of course, we didn’t really make any money at it, but we didn’t care at the time, we just loved doing it. The second one was another business venture with Ju where we were marketing homes that were For Sale By Owner. We had a website and a magazine where people could advertise. This one wasn’t so much fun, but probably could have been a good money maker if either of us had wanted to stick with it. But, we both pretty much hated it.
    Now, if I could start my own business now, it would either be a used book store or a thrift/antique store right on the town square.

  3. I would love to own an antique/craft store where I could sell antiques and the crafts I made. or…
    A book store owner, I love books. I could sit and read the books all day while I tried to sell them. or…
    A printer/publisher so I could print and publish all the books I write!

  4. We, or me, started our own business when I was teaching. It gave me the summer to work at it full time. My wife ran it when I was still working. It takes a lot of work and I mean more than 10 – 12 hours every day to be a success. In the end I sold my business to a company in another state and they went bankrupt with it because they didn’t work at it like I had.

    I have two new blogs with new layouts.
    Abe Lincoln Blogs
    Abraham Lincoln’s Blog

  5. We ran our own business for about twelve years or so. It’s harder then you think. Working for someone else, you can leave it and come home. We ran our business from our home. So we couldn’t get away from it. LOL I have only worked outside the home twice. And have always enjoyed my jobs/work. But our daughters said that’s because I seem to enjoy anything I do. Perhaps that’s true, I don’t know. I also did some baby sitting from my home and ran an early morning paper route, where the papers were delivered by car, since it was rural areas I had to travel. Even enjoyed doing that. So I guess I’m an odd ball.

  6. I would love to have a jewelry (that I create)/antique/flea market/craft/junk store. That might, just might, cover it all.


  7. I”m not sure so many things I dream about-having a farm, writing, painting, fiber arts, cooking, gardening organically-I think I just need to be independently wealthy so I can just choose a different thing when the mood strikes. Got any cash?

  8. When I lived in Virginia my girlfriend and I always sat around wondering what we could do.
    We love to bead so it was the last ‘dream’ we concocted. We never thought we could truly make it so we never tried.
    I’d love to be good enough to be a full time photographer. I’ll settle for entering some contests this year.

  9. Like you, I have many business’ that I think I would like to do, but my favorite dream is a coffee/yarn shop. I would have a coffee counter where I also sold my baked goods. There would be a handfull of tables for people to sit, have coffee and a pastry, read, whatever. In a seperate room would be a yarn shop with floor to ceiling shelving holding wonderful yarns, a fireplace and several comfy chairs and a couch where anyone would feel free to sit and knit to their hearts content. This is all set in an old craftsman cottage type house that’s been converted to my shop. A couple of tables outside in the garden also, where I grow fresh herbs for the soup that’s simmering on the stove…Anybody care to knit with me in my Rainy Day Cafe’?

  10. I have owned my own business, a transcription business when we lived in town. But after moving way out here was not great for business so I went back to work full time. But if I could choose I would love to own a small bookstore.

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