Grinnin’ Like A Opossum

On December 31, 2008…

The people who trim the trees for the local power company came to our place to trim trees.


On December 31.

Those guys shouldn’t have been out in the cold trimming trees. They should have been back at the shop, having parties. With food and merriment. Not working like a dog on New Year’s Eve.

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.

The Captain talked them into leaving the mulch here. So we could use it for flower beds and such.


Honestly, they have a hard time finding places to dump the mulch. So just in case you’re interested…

Call up the tree companies and ask for the mulch. Possibly if you live close enough to one of their jobs, they’ll drop off a load at your house.

Look who hitched a ride on the front of the truck…


And notice the magnets stuck to the door.


And I’ll bet The Fishing Guy has heard of this company a time or two.

Speaking of  The Fishing Guy…

He gave me a couple of awards awhile ago and I haven’t had time to acknowledge them.


Thanks, Fishing Guy! I appreciate your faithfulness to my blog and for being a really great BFF!

Honestly, I love all you people who lurk around here!

And the fact that you keep coming back keeps me grinning like a opossum.


11 comments on “Grinnin’ Like A Opossum

  1. Wooohooo… now those are some mulch piles. I just want you to be aware of one thing… I got a pickup truck load from one of the tree cutting places when I was living in Bartlesville. It made great mulch for the garden, but when I went to work in the garden the next spring, in one day I had about a dozen ticks on me when I went to bathe. Since yours is fresh mulch you probably won’t have that problem, but just wanted you to be aware so you could take precautions.


  2. Congrats on the awards! You sooo deserve them for the great job you do!

    The mulch will be nice for sprucing up your beds this spring-a fresh topping of mulch seems to make everything grow so much better.

  3. Whos Lurking… I don’t see anyone behind these bushes…. lol! Ha I had some tree trimmers bring me some mulch… I wanted a little, I ended up with a truck load! More than I could use, I guess I better get that garden going!! Where have you been my friend!! Miss you, come by I will share my shi..Mulch with you!

  4. Becky: You bet I’ve heard of Davey Tree. We have the world headquaters here and do all the city trimming. I will have to do a My World on the headquarters one day.

    The mulch should actually compost all winter before putting it on beds. A turn or two would be good.

    I’m glad you showed the awards, you deserved them my friend.

    Exactly how does an oppossum grin, they always look like a big growling rat to me. LOL

  5. I agree – working on New Year’s Eve is a little much. Honestly, sometimes people take the work place a little too seriously. If we all took a little more time on the holidays wouldn’t we all be better off – I’ll stop now too. 🙂
    I saw the Kent, Ohio and immediately t hought of Fishing Guy before you said anything. That’s pretty cool. It is a small world sometimes.
    Congrats on the awards!

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