Keep Them Alive

The Christmas holiday is rich in tradition.

From coming home for Christmas to,

putting up Christmas trees on Christmas Eve.

Maybe a special ornament that always has a prominent place on the tree.

Some, open presents on Christmas Eve.


I have always read the “Night Before Christmas” story to my children as I put them to bed at night on Christmas Eve.

Leaving them to dream of flying raindeer and jolly old elves.

The first year that “The Polar Express” movie came out on DVD, The Captain and I started a new tradition with our youngest son, Boo.


We watch it on Christmas Eve, just before I read the story of “The Night Before Christmas”.

It came on t.v. recently and Boo changed the channel. Showing me just how much this tradition means to him.

Circumstances and people change from year to year, but some things hold fast. Like pumpkin pie and cranberries.

Whatever your traditions are…

keep them alive.

It’s what memories are made of.

It’s the things we expect when we come home for Christmas year after year.

They bring stability to our lives.

And with the present turmoil taking place in our lives and in each and every home…

We need all the stability we can grasp.

Happy Christmas Eve to you all from Twisted Fencepost!


10 comments on “Keep Them Alive

  1. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday. I agree with the you that keeping and making those traditions are so important. It is what loving memories are made of.

  2. Happy Christmas Eve to you too Becky!! I like your traditions! Growing up-me and Paul would always open one present on Christmas Eve saving the rest till Christmas morning. I loved the Polar Bear Express-perfect of course of Christmas.

  3. I always read that to my kids also, along with the Christmas story from the bible. I love all of our traditions and hope that the kids treasure them as well.
    Merry Christmas to the whole Twisted Family!

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