Where Will You Be?

How many of you have finished with your Christmas shopping?

Here at the Twisted Fencepost,

I am not.

I won’t go into the reasons why.

But here I am, once again at the last minute, trying to throw months worth of planning and shopping into four days.


So far, I have completed HALF my shopping.


Yes, only half.

I’ve been working, eating and shopping, then going to bed and starting it all over again.

Where will I be tonight?






That I have a roof over my head, my bills are paid and I have food to eat.

And thankful that I am, for another year, able to buy Christmas presents for the ones I love.

Who knows what next year holds.

But for now, I am thankful for all I have.

Where will you be?

Now, I have to get back to the planning, shopping and wrapping.

See ya tomorrow.



8 comments on “Where Will You Be?

  1. Good Luck! I am about 95 percent done. I have to pick up a couple of stocking stuffers tomorrow and a couple of gift cards and we are calling this year complete!

  2. Think about it. Look at the big picture. No one can ever seem to do all the planning they would like, no one ever seems to buy all the gifts they would like.And then they worry about what they did purchase for someone, whether or not that person will like it. We all need to go back to simple things. Remember how happy a child is playing with the box a toy came in instead of the toy? Same with planning the meal, don’t try to make every cookie you like for Christmas, stick with a couple and make plenty of them so you don’t run out. Believe me it sure saves on the nerves when you make things simple. Remember Thanksgiving, we plan on the meal, it takes hours to prepare and they are done in less then a half hour. I told the girls this year, I am doing a ham and making a double recipe of the green bean casserole and what ever else they want, they can bring or make for the dinner. Everyone seems to be so busy. Our one daughter’s partner’s Father is in Hospice, they put him there last night, so their lives are in a turmoil right now. So forget hectic, plan simple. Your family won’t love you any less. In fact they might like you a little better if you are more relaxed. LOL I also find shopping over the internet is great. Well have to run, almost time to start dinner. I have a feeling the youngest will be late this evening, it’s starting to freeze on the roads and sidewalks. Tomorrow it’s suppose to get up to 50, but thank goodness no none has to leave the house in case it doesn’t warm up. I made sure I got extra bird seed this morning and picked up an extra bag of ice for water and soda, so we’re all set. Plenty of popcorn in the cupboard. We’ve got snacks. LOL
    Now go have yourself a very Merry Christmas.

  3. I think I’m ready. Might go to the grocery to get a few staples tonight, so we wont run out, and maybe some sweet potatoes. I am happy to say that I finally got the house cleaned up today. We plan on going to my sister’s tomorrow and stay home on Christmas day.

  4. Becky: The grand kids are done so we are ready and wrapped. My wife is in charge and tomorrow we plan to go fun shopping with nothing special to purchase. Christmas must have snuck up on you.

  5. Becky, it seems that no matter how done we think we are, there, in the back of our mind, is always one more thing that maybe we should try to do…

    I promise if you hug your hubs, your children and family all that worrying about if you did enough will melt away. Seeing and feeling the joy in just being together, recalling memories from the past Christmases and just sharing is so more important than all the presents you could ever hope to buy. Instilling tradition in the next generation is the most blessed thing you could do, and seeing the light in the eyes of loved ones… what more is this season about than love?


  6. I have a couple of small things to buy tomorrow and some groceries. A little more wrapping and baking. Well i guess I am doing the same thing as you are. Each year it seems to be the same but I don’t stress about it any longer. What gets done gets done and what doesn’t ….. well it doesn’t. I plan on enjoying my family.

  7. Well, Christmas Eve here now. Myself and Ricky are settled in for the evening watching the carols on the TV and wrapping some last minute presents. Tomorrow it is forecast to be quite hot. Lunch with Ricky’s parents and dinner with mine…..and assorted family at both.
    It is forecast to be a hot day tomorrow, so I suspect we will be sitting in the shade, sipping cold drinks and laughing lots!! A very merry Christmas to you and yours….stay safe and be happy!

  8. If I was there-I’d help you wrap! I think I’m all done-just hoping I didn’t forget anyone. Deer Hunter has been cooking all day-and I’ve been cleaning. Tonight-we’ll just rest up for tomorrow!

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