Team Fencepost Request-Christmas

When it’s cold outside, I like soup.

Can be just about any kind of soup. Oh, and with crackers. And maybe a little cheese.

Do you like soup?

Well, my problem is…

I have this bowl.


And it’s empty.


When it’s cold and I have a tree IN my house with lights on it…

I start craving some Christmas soup.

But I have never tasted Christmas soup. And I can’t find a recipe for it anywhere.

I’ve heard it’s highly recommended at fine homes everywhere.

With your help, I believe we can cook up a big ol’ pot of our own.

I’ll start with the first ingredient and if your feeling Christmas-y and a little saucy…

you can help me by adding the next ingredient.


What kind of ingredients would you add to Christmas soup?

I’m adding a great big scoop of Love.

Yep, I think that is definitely needed for Christmas soup.

How about you? What will you add to our Christmas soup?


18 comments on “Team Fencepost Request-Christmas

  1. Aw Becky! You are wonderful! This idea is terrific!
    I see we have a healthy heaping of Faith, and Hope, and Love so I’ll add a rainbow for promises to bring in the New Year.

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