He Chewed Up My Ornament

When I was in first grade, a parent of one of the students made these cute little Christmas ornaments. One for each student.

They were made out of a five stick pack of cinnamon gum and yarn. Absolutely adorable.

When I got home with it, I begged my Mother to let me chew the gum. Of course, she refused.

And every year it adorned our Christmas tree. As an adult I am glad she didn’t let me chew the gum. Mom gave that ornament to me for my first Christmas tree. And it became a cherished ornament and a sweet remembrance every Christmas when I broke out the decorations.

One morning, during the Christmas holidays my oldest son had awakened before me. He was about six or seven years old. He found the gum packet ornament that adorned our tree, opened it and chewed it. 😯


The gum was atleast twenty years old. I couldn’t believe it. I was so upset with him.

You should have seen his face when I explained how old that gum was.  At his age, years really didn’t  mean anything. But when I told him I got it when I was his age, he spit it out. You know, when they’re that young, us twenty something people are old as dirt and I’m sure that’s what went through his mind at the time.

Yeah, I’ve forgiven him.

 But I’ll never let him forget that he chewed up my Christmas ornament!

A few years ago I made these gum packet snowmen ornaments for Boo’s class at school.


He told me some of the kids opened them and chewed the gum, in class.

Their parents didn’t even get a chance to tell them no.

Oh, well, guess they don’t have to worry about their offspring chewing twenty year old gum. 😉


Check back tomorrow for yet another

Team Fencepost Request!!!


13 comments on “He Chewed Up My Ornament

  1. No prob with the gum until he found out how old it was…roflmao. Kids… you gotta love ’em since you can’t put them to sleep. I love the ornaments you made for Boo’s class. Now let’s see how long the snowman ornament lasts.

    Another great post.


  2. I read the title and was assuming a little doggie was naughty. Had to smile at the story!
    Cute ornament – I could have used that idea a few years back. 🙂

    See you tomorrow to see what’s up.
    Before I leave I’m picking up the sausage ball receipe. I’ve been wanting them ever since you posted it – it’s whats for dinner.
    (I love breakfast for dinner.)

  3. I’ve never seen the chewing gum ornaments before, they always made the trains out of lifesavers here. I still have all the old ornaments my kids made when they were in school.

  4. Becky,

    That is a precious ornament. I wonder how your son even chewed that.
    Seems like it would have been harder than a rock. Very funny though and isn’t it just like a kid?

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