Saucy Sunday – Ranch Snacks

If you’re looking for a finger food snack to give as treats or maybe take to work and share?

This might be just the ticket.


A couple up from my three part recipe, this has five ingredients. That’s still not bad and most of this you will have around the house.

So, here’s what you need….


Oyster crackers, garlic powder, dill weed, ranch powdered dressing mix and vegetable oil.

Oh, and a gallon size storage bag. You can use a plastic container to mix them in, if you like. It’s just easier in a plastic bag. And they are ready for transporting to share with everyone else.

Into the gallon size storage bag add…

The oyster crackers and all the dry ingredients. Mix well by closing the bag and shaking or jumping up and down or doing hand stands. However your little heart desires.


Then add the vegetable oil and do that mixing thing again.


Sit it in a corner somewhere overnight and tomorrow they’re ready to go wherever you decide to take them.

Really, they’re not picky, they can adjust and fit in just about anywhere.


Oh, and they’re like my peanut butter fudge


Ranch Snacks

    1    12 oz. bag of oyster crackers

    1    teaspoon garlic powder

    1    teaspoon dill week

    1    package powdered ranch dressing mix

3/4  cup vegetable oil

Mix together crackers and dry ingredients in a large storage bag. Add vegetable oil and mix well. Let sit overnight.

7 comments on “Saucy Sunday – Ranch Snacks

  1. This is one of my favorite snacks at Christmas time. We found the recipe a number of years ago and Carol makes it up. Usually on the same day she makes up Texas Trash. Then there are snacks galore. Anyone that hasn’t ever tried it… you should. It is so easy even I could make it. And, boy, is it good.


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