Eye Opening Experience

One cold December morning several years ago…

I got up at 5 am, my normal routine.

Shut off screaming alarm clock, stretch, wipe the sleep from my eyes.And head for the shower.

Wake up while showering, out of the shower, dry off.  Make up, hair, clothes…

Wake my daughter up, point her in the direction of the shower.

Breakfast, lunch money and we’re ready to go by 7 am.

Drop her off at school and head to work.

It’s Friday, The Captain, at that time, didn’t work on Friday’s. He was home asleep.

At this time, we lived in Charlotte, NC, and traffic was atrocious in that construction riddled area that I had to drive to get to my workplace.

Two-way traffic in left lanes, the two right lanes are under construction. Widening the road to compensate for the ever growing amount of traffic.

I’m driving along, thinking about work, listening to the radio. Normal morning commute stuff.


The hood of my car flies up.


I don’t know if that has ever happened to you before, but let me tell you, it’s definitely an eye opening experience.

I hit the brakes, not hard, I’m doing about 45 mph.

I knew the road well and knew that the two right lanes were empty, except for the orange construction cones.

Luckily, the hood of my car had vents in it up next to the windshield. I could see through those vents well enough to get myself off the road.

Once stopped, I got out of the car to access the damage. Hood bent, windshield cracked. Nothing really major.

Then I start thinking, standing there in the cold, while cars whizzed past me. Everyone looking, but no one stopping to assist me.

“What are my choices?”

“Call and see if I can get The Captain awake.”

“Call someone at my work to pick me up.”

“Watch for someone I know to drive by and hope I can flag them down.”

(Highly unlikely that I would see someone I knew.)

“See if I can get the hood down and secure it.”

I decided to start with the latter. I knew if I could get the hood down, I would probably have it secured by the time someone could get to me, anyway.

I pulled on the hood and it came back into its normal position. A little bent and worse for wear, but down.

In the rear of my car I kept a small tool box and a metal coat hanger, among other “just in case” items.

I cut a piece of the hanger with wire cutters and secured the hood.

And drove the rest of the way to work.

That’s not an experience I would want to relive.

And, you know…

I didn’t even have to go home and change clothes. :mrgreen:

16 comments on “Eye Opening Experience

  1. I would have had to go home and change my clothes for sure. lol That’s scary!! I would have pooped and peed in my pants.

    Good for you for making a makeshift latch to keep it down. I’m impressed.

  2. I know exactly what you’re talking about because it’s happened to me. Although there was no damage and the hood shut ok after. It is a scary thing though! Glad you got it fixed well enough to go on!

  3. I’ve never had it happen to me but I was following a man one time on the freeway and it happened to him. I must admit it scared me when it happened as he swerved all over the place. But he did manage to pull over eventually and had a cel phone so passed on the help. You are quite the resourceful person.

  4. Wow how smart are you! I’ve never had that happen-but I have had my lights go off for no reason at night and refuse to come back on-I was in high school and had to drive all the way home with no lights!

  5. WOW, now you sound like one wicked lady with a set of wire cutters. A determined lady at that. Probably something I would have done myself. Always good to be prepared for any kind of an emergency. Hope you still carry a tool box, even with a cell phone. But about having to go home to change clothes, I probably would have had to, I think I would probably have peed myself.

  6. Wow, now that’s what I call an adventure! You sound very handy, too.Thank goodness no one was hurt.
    BTW, love the snowflakes on your blog.

    (I found you a while back through another blog, but I haven’t had time to put in all the feeds. Was browsing email and saw your note. Glad I found you again!)

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