Now You’ve Seen It All

I’ m sure you’ve seen bread in a bag.

Or maybe cookie cutters,  in a bag.

Or how about, bed in a bag?

But I’ll bet this is the first time you’ve seen a motor in a bag.

Yep, that’s right. Look close.  It’s a motor in a bag.


It’s the first time I’ve seen a motor in a bag.

With a twist tie, no less.

It looks small until you compare it to the full-size tire leaning against it.

We have been in the process of repairing our tractor.

The tractor is needed for numerous things around the farm.

From building fence to moving heavy objects.

One of the things we need here on the farm is a barn. We have small sheds, but we need a barn for equipment, hay, a horse shelter….

But to build the barn we need money and a tractor. Well, the money to build the barn went to rebuilding the tractor motor. Atleast we’re halfway there.

The tractor has been an ongoing process for several months. You can read the previous post about when the motor was taken out of the tractor.

Once that was done, The Captain took it to the shop to have an estimate for the needed repairs. He authorized part of it to be done, then we had to wait and save for the rest of it.

For months the motor has sat at the shop, waiting.

Last week, it was completed and The Captain picked it up and brought it home.

He worked, in his spare time, for four days putting the motor together.

Once it was all together, the motor wouldn’t turn over. He couldn’t figure out the problem. He went over and over it in his head. What could he have possibly done wrong.

He finally decided it was nothing he had done and after fuming all weekend he called the shop on Monday morning.

Later in the week he loaded the motor back up in his truck and took it back to the shop.

Do you know how much trouble it is to load a tractor motor up and take it back?

It’s not like you can throw it in the back seat and say “Here, fix it”.

He burnt vacation days trying to get it fixed. The motor shop’s hours are daytime ONLY. No Saturdays. The motor can’t be moved in the rain. Unless of course it’s in a plastic bag. You can’t let it get wet or draw dampness, causing rust inside the motor.

They had it fixed in a matter of minutes. They had installed the wrong bearing.

He has no vacation time left, so it will take longer to finish. But hopefully, it will be finished soon.

So, now you have seen it all.

Motor in a bag.


14 comments on “Now You’ve Seen It All

  1. You know, I think somebody from the shop should come put it on the tractor for the Captain!

    Motor In A Bag – now that’s funny although the experience wasn’t.

  2. And I thought it was an air mattress that needed to be inflated.
    But you did tell me ahead of time what it really was in an e-mail, and thanks for doing that.

  3. Becky: Wow is my face blue (err red), an engineer who has degned gear sets and not able to spot the gear in the back of the motor. I am sooooooooooo ashamed. It had to be that new plastic bag that threw me off track. Oh well, I only have one choice, the photo was toooooooo small for these old eyes.

  4. They should pay him for lost vacation time for installing the wrong bearing.

    I want to live on a farm, but things like this would not work in my life. P. Charming is not into such things. Me, not so much either.

  5. hey Becky
    not to be a wet blanket.but …. if you leave it in the plastic bag moisture will buildup in it with the temp changes. maybe throw alittle newspaper in the bag to help off set this. just a thought.

    Can you bag up Harold for me? hee hee

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