What’s the big blue thing?

On Thanksgiving Day I talked The Captain and Boo into going for a walk around the farm with me.

Here are some of the interesting things we found.



I thought it was interesting how this tree is growing around the one leaning against it.


I think this is my favorite tree on the farm. The first picture is the top of the tree and the bottom picture is the trunk of the tree.



Did ya notice The Captain standing in the bottom picture? It shows just how big this tree is.

I love visiting that tree!

This is our horse trail that leads along the fence up to the pasture.


I liked this Father/Son moment in the horse trail.


Can anybody guess what this might be?


It’s big.

It’s blue.

It’s heavy.



16 comments on “What’s the big blue thing?

  1. I had to save the photo of the tree and then enlarge it to find the Captain standing next to it. The big blue thing looks like an inflatable mattress. Do I win a prize.? LOL

  2. Love the photo of father and son…. very reflective. Is the blue thing a farm vehicle battery…….an irrigator…..a pump of some description?? A generator????

  3. Ooh – I want a horse trail! But wait – does that mean I’d then have to have a horse? And a barn to muck out? And more mouths to feed? And creatures to brush? Ummmm. . . . can I come visit your horse trail? Your walk had lots of fun and interesting things. Fun family times, for sure. It seems I SHOULD know what that blue thing in the bag is, but it’s not coming to me. I could ask Prince Farming – he’d totally know right away or have a very intelligent guess, but I’ll leave it be. Will you tell us?

  4. Love the horse trail. I’m coming to your house to go horseback riding by the way : ) I had horses in Kentucky, but it’s way too expensive to stable them in the city.

  5. Beautiful pictures. My favorite this time are the two of the horse trail. Both with the father and son and without. I’d love to take a walk down that little trail!

    My first guess on the blue thing is a big old tarp…

  6. Becky: I was thinking a tarp until I saw the bolt. It must be something you put on the back of the horse so they don’t drop on the horse trail. A bright blue horse diaper.

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