Recycled Swingset Frame

Here, out in the country, recycling is not mandatory.

But the Convenience Centers have different bins for recyclables.

I recycle plastics and paper.

But here on the farm, we recycle other things too.

Here is an example…


My Dad found this in the woods near his house a few years ago. He had made a swing for me and since I don’t have a covered porch to hang it from, he gave me this to hang it.

It was getting weak and we no longer trusted it to hold us and the swing. We built a frame out of 4×4′ lumber to hang the swing from.

We hadn’t gotten rid of this frame and one day I discovered it was great for hanging bird feeders.


Just in case you have one of these frames rusting away in the woods behind your house.

You can recycle it and put it to use.

The birds will thank you.

What else could you use it for? Any ideas?


12 comments on “Recycled Swingset Frame

  1. Becky: I actually had one of these in the yard last year that was on its last leg. the grandkids are getting older and didn’t use it too much anymore. I put it at the curb in the spring when the city takes any old metal objects and recyles them. Most of what is put out is taken by people that turn it into cash at the scrap yard before the city trucks come through.

  2. That’s a great idea for an old swingset. I love all your bird feeders! Really nice. Mine’s been sitting empty for a while… I need to fill it up.

  3. I thought I left a comment here this morning…I must be getting too forgetful! I love the idea of recycling things and the swing set to bird feeder is a great idea!

  4. Super use for the old swing set. I often see them in the edge of folks’ yards rusting away because the kids have out grown them. They always look so sad-but you’ve found the perfect solution!

  5. I have seen one with netting attached to it and tomato vines growing up it. Or you could use it as a frame for grapes and other climbing plants.

  6. My father in law used one that looked almost identical for her pole beans to climb. He strung string up and down and the beans climbed beautifully. Easy to pick from also.

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