Team Fencepost Q&A

During the month of October…

I began a reader participation Halloween story.

With great success, I might add. We had a lot of fun adding to the story, checking back constantly to see what others had added.

I vowed to search for other reader participation ideas.

Although with the post and comments on each blog, they are all reader participation activities.

This morning, while thinking of how to involve my readers in my posts…

I came up with this…

I’ll ask a question…

In the comments the reader is to answer my question and pose a question to the next reader.

The next reader aswers the previous commentors question and poses a question to the next reader.

And so on.

This can continue as long a people keep coming back to this post.

Keep it clean, nice and not too personal.

Any comment or question that is unnacceptable, WILL BE DELETED!!

This is just for fun. Let’s keep it that way.

Just to get your mind thinking, here are some ideas.

You could ask favorite color, holiday, food, sport, movie star, music…

Or ask about a dream vacation past or future.

Someone you admire.

Most favorite or least favorite food.

Okay, here we go, I can’t wait to hear your questions and answers.

What color is the vehicle you drive?

Mine is burgundy and silver.

21 comments on “Team Fencepost Q&A

  1. My all-time favorite band is Alabama, but the Eagles rank right up there as well.

    Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? If not, when will you be doing it?

    We put ours up yesterday, which is the earliest ever. I’ve always waited until after my daughters birthday, which is December 4th.

  2. A Christmas Story- where all Ralphie wanted was a BB Gun for Christmas.

    Would you rather have the super power of invisibility or the ability to blow people’s heads up with a thought?

    I go with the blow people’s heads up thing.

  3. Well I guess I’ll go with invisibility, don’t want the other. That one would make you very mysterious.

    Who is your favorite NFL Team?

    I love the Steelers, I followed them as long as I can remember..

  4. My favorite is Ava Maria…

    Do you like to put up a lot of outside decorations and lights for Christmas?

    I love to and I love to drive around and look at others, too.

  5. I love decorating outside but don’t have alot of time to do all I want to do.
    What is your fantasy vacation if money wasn’t an issue?
    Mine would be 7 days at Turtle Island in Fiji with my hubby all alone and secluded.

  6. My fantasy vacation would be to go to Europe and tour Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England and Hungary (home of my ancestors). I would love to take as much time as I wanted to explore.

    What is your middle name and why is there a reason it was given to you?

    Mine is Marie after my grandmother.

  7. My middle name is Frances. It was my mother’s middle name and my grandmother’s middle name. I never had any girls to hand it down to.
    What is your favorite book? One of my favorite books is Christy by Catherine Marshall.

  8. I do like Christy also.
    I think my favorite book is Song of the seals by, Christy York.
    What is your favorite drink?
    I like sweat & spicy “Good Earth Tea”

  9. My favorite drink is ‘good old fashioned water’ but first thing in the morning it always loses out to coffee.
    What did you want to be when you grew up and what did you grow up to be?

  10. I always fancied being a comedian like Lucille Ball….I loved that show. Instead, my main career has been as a policewoman….so I got pretty close to the comedian thing!!………
    What is your favourite spot in your house or wherever you live??
    Mine is sitting out on our decking at the rear of the house that overlooks a green valley…….

  11. My favorite spot is my kitchen. It’s where I feel the house oscillates between crazy and crazier, I love that!

    Where is the most peaceful place you’ve ever been?

  12. I don’t know if I can name just one peaceful place because lots of places are peaceful if your mind is open to it. However, I think the Roaring Fork Drive in the Smokey Mts. was a peaceful place. It’s a one way road through virgin forests filled with huge boulders and like going way back in time.

    I’d like a new camera.
    What do you want for Christmas?

  13. Of course I want everyone to be safe and happy for Christmas-but if I had to pick one thing for me-HIGH SPEED INTERNET!! It would make my life so much easier-but it isn’t available in my area.

    Did you have a favorite Grandparent? If so why did they mean so much to you?

  14. The American Bible Society-to send Bibles to the troops serving overseas.

    Has the economy slump effected your family? And what are you doing to cut corners if it has?

    It has greatly effected my family-I’ve lost all my cleaning jobs and my husband is a carpenter who has to really look for jobs to do. We have cut back spending in all areas-and are really going to cut back our usual Christmas spending.

  15. My husbands the manager of a survey company. They’ve had to cut their crew back to 16 from 55, and just this week have all had to cut back to 32 hours a week. HUGE OUCH! We have also cut back spending in all area’s and have really stocked up our freezer this year with hunting and fishing. Christmas is going to be much simpler as well.

    Do you like to bake? What’s your favorite thing to make.

    I love to bake and have a special fondness for pies. Any pie, doesn’t seem to matter!

  16. I like making breads – dessert breads best.
    Poppy seed used to be my favorite but my son brought Amish Friendship bread to Thanksgiving and I’ll be baking that on Saturday.

    Which do you favor – gas fireplace or real wood logs?

    I like the smell of real wood but when I’m cold I so love flipping that switch and being instantly gratified and there’s no cleanup!

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