Curvy Bombshell

When did cartoons take over the world?

Cartoons are on 24/7 with several different channels to choose from.

When I was a child, Saturday morning was reserved for cartoons until noon.

Then American Bandstand came on.

I totally learned to dance by watching all those teens shake their booty!

I didn’t sleep in late on Saturday. I couldn’t miss the only time cartoons were on!

Oh sure, during the week there was the classics. Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Sesame Street. The Electric Company….

But nothing could beat Saturday morning cartoons.

The Bugs Bunny Show was my favorite. Bugs, Daffy, Wyle E. Coyote, Road Runner, Elmer, Taz and all the other creatures in cartoon land.

Scooby-Doo is ranked right up there with Bugs.

There were other shows I liked. But Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo were my favorites.

I was thinking the other day…

If I could be a cartoon character, which would I choose?

To be cunning and sly…I’d pick Bugs Bunny.

For suspense and fun….I’d pick Scooby Doo.

For looks….I’d pick Roger Rabbit’s girlfriend, Jessica.

Oh yeah, I could just see that.

A curvy bombshell with tall ears and a long tail.


I’m sure The Captain would be thrilled. He wouldn’t know which to do…

Hug me, collar me or stick me in a cage.

What were/are your favorite cartoons?

If you could be a cartoon character…

Which would you be?

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10 comments on “Curvy Bombshell

  1. I loved cartoons and continued to watch them when my kids were little. Those were the good ole days. I liked Tom and Jerry, Sylvester and Tweety Bird, and hey how about the Smurfs, Don’t know which one I’d like to be. But if you used to live in WV, you’ve got to remember 4pm with Mr. Cartoon every day. When my 28 year old son was in kindergarten, he was in his audience. The kids usually came in groups from a certain school or whatever. The kids would stand up and scream when he mentioned their group by name at the beginning of the show. Well, Charley came by himself, Mr. Cartoon said, “We’ve got people from Fairplain!” Charley (who at the time was very little) stood up sheepishly and yelled ya! all by himself. We set the VCR to tape it while we were there. Good memories.

  2. Becky: I must admit that I would still watch cartoons if the classics were on. I am going to be the Roadrunner, he was so smart and quick. No matter how many Acme creations Wiley came up with it didn’t matter. My grandson and I watched a movie of it and he cracked up.
    Hubby would be happy with your choice, she was a babe.
    I was also a big American Bandstand fan.

  3. Garfield!!!! Then bugs, Flintstones, and smurfs. Don’t really know which of the 3 were my favorite. Mr Cartoon and Fraggle Rock! I think I would be She-Ra or Rainbow bright. Lets not forget the Care Bears.

  4. This is so funny! I always looked forward to Saturday morning cartoons. All of us kids would sit in front of the T.V. giggeling & laughing.
    We would watch Disney on Sunday nights.
    Hey, do you remember that sea monster show?

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