What are you thankful for?


Want to know what I’m thankful for?

The list is so long. But here’s a few.

A husband and family who love me.

Good health for my family and I.

A farm with horses, a dream come true.

Blog friends that visit me everyday.


There are many things I am thankful for and I’m sure they are close to your thankful list.

But one thing I am greatly thankful for is…


I am thankful I was born in a country that is free.

I have the freedom to…

worship as I please,

come and go as I please,

love as I please,

say what’s on my mind,

vote for who I choose.

And I am thankful for the people who are called to the US Military, who have fought for this freedom.


Today, I will enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Football, parades, chatter and laughter will be heard and seen throughout the day.

Hot food and warm hugs will be given freely.

The aroma of spicy pumpkin pie, will fill the air.

To all of the United States Military here and abroad…

Thank you, for all you do!

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And to all my family and friends inside and outside of this computer…

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish a safe and peaceful holiday for you all!


Now let’s eat!


14 comments on “HAPPY TURKEY DAY 2008

  1. Yesterday was busy, busy, so I’m late getting around. I think I’m still in a turkey, soul sweet potatoes giblet gravy, mashed potatoes, Spanish green beans and cranberry salsa coma. I loved this post today. I saw a home-made sign when my brother and I were driving on our country road to get to the highway yesterday. I loved it and will go back to photo it, but it said, “Home of the free because of the brave”. How true is that? I put a new puppy update on today. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.


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