So Jealous!

I received an email yesterday from my kids who moved back to West Virginia a few weeks ago.

While we were working and going to school.

This is what their world was like yesterday.


No school.

First snowman of this winter season…


Ain’t he cute?

Boo and Daisy are soooo jealous!

They HAD to go to school


they didn’t get to play in the snow.

Me, too!

12 comments on “So Jealous!

  1. That’s looks very familiar. School wasn’t canceled in Jackson County, but I think it should have been. The roads were so icy. Ice under the layer of snow on our cars, too. But is sure was pretty, just not used to getting it so soon in the season.

  2. That snow looks really pretty right now. Love their fun little snowman!
    I grew -up in snow country, but live in the Oregon Rainforest now. We do get it about once a year, but it doesn’t stay around for long. Sometimes you just need to see that sparkly white!

  3. Oh, the joys. But I’m so glad that we didn’t have snow yet – my kids are itching for a good snow though. They haven’t gone sledding in several years, and we now have a PERFECT hill. Very blog-worthy.

  4. That is one happy looking snow man. I enjoy a good snow about once or twice a year, but my little schnauzer babies wouldn’t mind more. They bite the snow and buck and romp like pups. So fun to watch.

    Love this post. Thanks.

  5. Looks like the children are having fun, but I’m just not ready for snow yet. But on the other hand if we got some snow maybe I would get into more of a holiday spirit. I just can’t seem to get excited about decorating for the holdays this year. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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