How Long Will It Take?

While I love to admire the trees as they dress for Autumn… 


I also like the litter of leaves they leave on the ground.


Some yards are speckled with red…and some with yellow.


It reminds me of spring, when after a rain storm all the weaker blossoms are littered on the floor around the tree.

And did ya notice that ghost hanging from the tree in the first picture?

On November 2, I was putting away Halloween. I asked Boo to take down those ghosts. About 6 of them.

A friend showed up, just after I asked him to take them down. He said he’d take them down after the friend left.

They are, to this day, still hanging from the trees in my yard and driveway.

I’m just wating to see how long it will take him to take them down.


10 comments on “How Long Will It Take?

  1. Are you taking bets? It never ceases to amaze me how youngsters, esp. young men, just go blind to things like forgotten ghosts… If you get lucky, maybe a wild turkey will land in the tree and draw his attention to the ghosts that he has forgotten. I’ll say he won’t notice until a month or so after the leaves are totally gone… if you are lucky.

    Good luck.


  2. I love the carpet of pretty leaves Becky! I think they ‘re to pretty to rake up at my house-plus I’m too lazy! HaHa.

    If Boo is like my girls-the ghosts will be there for next Halloween!

  3. Beautiful leaves on the first tree. I too love the falling leaves and often wish we didn’t have to worry about them anywhere. There is just something about walking through a crunchy bunch of leaves that leaves me feeling happy.

  4. Ghost what ghost? I thought that was tp? you know like at our house, when the inside bathrooms are occupied, and you just gotta go…hahahaha just playin! I am not that redneck!!!

    Beautiful colors on your trees!

  5. Our leaves are pretty much done for so it is nice to still enjoy them over the internet. Aw, the thought pattern of our children, out of site out of mind, maybe mom or dad will do it, maybe they’ll for get, they can come up with so many excuses. I have to laugh at my son when he complains about our grandson, I just look at my son, laugh, and say “like father, like son”.

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