Carolina Howdy

Last Friday. Last day of the work week.

I couldn’t wait to get home.

Get in my truck, left turn out of the parking lot, right turn onto the interstate ramp and I’m off.

Let me describe this scenerio.

Dusk, at best. Five o’clock traffic. Light rain.

I’m accelerating down the ramp, watching the heavy traffic as I go. I get to the area to start merging and I start hearing a horn tooting at me.

What the heck?

I look in the rear view. Traffic behind.

I look in the sideview. Traffic coming up.

I look over my shoulder. A little Mazda truck is along side the bed of my truck and accelerating.

He couldn’t get over because of the traffic. Not that he would.

He was talking on the phone and blowing the horn at me. Guess he didn’t want me to merge into him.

There were cars and big rigs behind him. I’m doing 60 mph.

I hit the brakes. I had to come to a complete stop and wait for the traffic to thin out before I could get on the interstate from a dead stop.

Do you know what the traffic is like coming out of Charlotte, NC at 5pm?

Murder, is what it’s like. And having to merge from a dead stop is not easy.

He could have touched his brake and slowed maybe 5 mph and let me in. Like I said, I was still accelerating.

Oh no, he can’t be inconvenienced.

I was slightly pissed off.


I was highly pissed off that this guy didn’t have enough human decency in him to slow a little and let another driver merge onto the interstate.

I am a defensive driver. I am also a courteous driver. I yield and slow for other drivers.

I am not in that big of hurry that I have to be completely rude to another driver. I’ll wait the two seconds it takes to get past me before I pull out.

I caught up with him on the interstate. And it wasn’t easy. He was avoiding me at all costs. Changing lanes. Keeping other cars between us.

It was kinda funny. What did he think I was gonna do? Run him off the road?

If I were gonna do that I would have done it when I was trying to get onto the interstate.

No, when I finally got beside him. I just smiled and waved. While I muttered not so sweet nothings under my breath.

He’s lucky I didn’t give him the Carolina Howdy!!

You know…

“The Bird”

You know I wanted to!

Honestly, what is it with some people? I just don’t understand the rudeness in today’s world.

Okay. I’m stepping down off the soap box now.

Sorry. I just had to get that outta my system.

I feel better now.


10 comments on “Carolina Howdy

  1. Sometimes we just gotta vent!

    I don’t understand why folks have to be in such a hurry that they can’t be courteous!

    I applaud you for withholding the “Carolina Bird” I don’t know If I could have.

  2. That is awfull! I’m not used to driving in that much traffic.
    I did drive to Oregon this year, so got some interstate experiance.
    I drive all of the time on highways & country roads, but when it comes to city driving I am a chicken!

  3. Becky: Really funny post, not what happened, but the way you wrote it. I remember the traffic in that area when I worked there for a while in 80’s and I imagine the traffic is worse now.

  4. Oooh! I can’t stand mean drivers! I try really hard not to get on the interstate if I can help it. I always like taking the scenic route!

  5. There’s always one a**hole in the group. I’m sure who ever he was talking to on the phone was getting an ear full about your driving. I still say, cell phones should be for emergency only. If they have to use them, pull to the side of the road, or let the passenger do the talking, keep hands on the steering wheel and your mind on what you’re doing. I’m not talking about you, talking about the impolite drivers and the ones using their phones. What ever did these people do before the cell phone? We have one in the glove box for emergency only. The ones I really dislike are the people shopping, and you’re coming down the aisle thinking they’re talking to you then realize they have a phone glued to their ear. Also when I worked at our local grocery in the Deli department, we always would have at least one customer come up, place a small order (for one item) by the time you got it for them, they were on the phone, and when you handed it to them and asked if there was anything else, they would hold up a finger as if to see, just a minute can’t you see I’m on the phone. So many times I felt like walking away and waiting on someone else. There are jsut a lot of rude people, but I think the polite out number them, it’s just the rude mean ones we remember. Next time if it’s raining, have a book and set for a little while in your vehicle reading before taking off, perhaps the rush wouldn’t be as bad. Happy new week.

  6. I don’t like to drive. I drive country roads and our small town. But I shy away from the big towns, especially interstates through the big towns. (Of course, the big town I’m referring to is Charleston, which would not be big to a lot of people) but the interstate system going thru there is awful.

  7. Becky-I know traffic in that area is bad anytime but especially at rush hour. I’m not sure I could have brought myself to smile and wave at the jerk. But I guess that sure surprised him and let you take the high road!

  8. Yikes…..I hate rude drivers….but worry about road rage. My daughter had someone that cut them off, then got she and her husband to pull over then he proceeded to take a pipe out of the back of his truck.
    She and her husband were on their way to work at 5:30 in the morning with both of their kids sleeping in the backseat.
    Here they passed a law in July that you can’t talk on your cell phone and drive….I think that helps alot…but there are still alot of distracted drivers.
    Glad you’re okay and no one was hurt…..

  9. Oh we have at lease one of those psycho drivers on a daily basis. I can ignore them for the most part but hubby can’t stand it. That is why I drive now and he reads the paper.

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