Three More Joined The Party

We have a farm.

Atleast, I thought we did, until I realized we can’t have a farm without having chickens.

We don’t have chickens.


Oh, occasionally, we’ll have a flock of guineas or turkeys show up here on the farm. But no chickens.

I’ve wanted chickens for a long time. But we don’t have a barn to keep them in.

So we need a barn and chickens to have a farm. Right?

Then I met someone who has a chicken house and no chickens. Not a barn. Just a chicken house. They gave away their chickens.

They told me I could have the chicken house. Just come and get it. They promised to keep it till I could make arrangements to come and get it.

Then I met some real friendly folks who offered to sell me some of their chickens. The folks who own the Pumpkin Patch I showed you last month.

We’ve picked out a spot for the chicken house.


So now I ask you…

If I get a chicken house and put it in the spot we’ve picked out. Build a chicken yard. Buy some chickens and turn them loose in there to strut their stuff.

Will I then, have a farm?

Or must I still have a barn?

We have plenty of little sheds.

The garden shed.

The trailer shed.

The tractor shed.

Do I still need a barn to have the right to call it a farm?


Since we are on the subject of chickens…

Did you read my post about when I was attacked by an angry rooster?

Or when I came across a chicken in the road?

The Captain and I were standing outside the other day discussing the chicken house thing. I noticed three buzzards circling just above where I plan to put the chicken house. While I was standing there wondering why they were circling…

three more joined the party.

Eventually, they moved along and began circling other spots. You know they’re really not that ugly when you see them in the sky. Kinda quiet and graceful.

I’m just wondering if that was an omen.

You know, circling directly above where I plan to put the chicken house.

Should I decide on another spot?

Or stay with the same spot, since they’ve already checked it out and didn’t find anything?

Either way, I’m gonna have chickens soon.

I can’t wait!




15 comments on “Three More Joined The Party

  1. That’s great! I say it’s a farm. Even if you had none of those things, it’s your house, you can call it whatever you want! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a farm to me. Isn’t it funny how things work out, someone wants to get rid of the chicken house you need? Karma I’d say!

    The heck with the buzzards, I’d put it where you want. .

  3. When I was a child, we visited my grandparents in Texas. We lived in Oregon so I only saw my grandparents a couple of times in my life. One thing that stuck with me about that visit were the chickens, the chicken house and helping my grandmother gather eggs. From that time until this day I have always wanted chickens but have never lived on a farm.. so alas, no chickens.

    Personally I don’t think you can have a farm without chickens. I don’t think the buzzards will bother them unless one of them dies and they hone in on the smell.

    On the otherhand, I also think goats are required on a farm. I’ve always wanted goats too… or llamas. If you get chickens and goats.. or a llama, do you need a farmhand? I’d work cheap for chickens….

  4. I’d say you have a farm!! I’m so excited about your chickens-wish I could talk the Deer Hunter into us getting some-then you’d have to help me decide where to put the coop!

  5. We used to have a little house on 1 acre that bordered a river and I had chickens and we called it a farm!!! lol I loved my girls and had named them all after my auntys and people I knew! Then I managed to aquire Lionel the duck and then, of course, I had to get him some girlfriends! We only had one shed, the chicken house and a carport!! Then we got Heidi the little angora cross goat to eat the blackberries…….she didn’t like blackberries apparently…..she preferred to hang out with the dogs and practice her mountain climbing on the river rocks!! So, I had maybe 20 chooks, 1 small goat who thought she was a dog, 2 dogs and three cats and we called it a farm. I also had a possum who would come onto the decking each night for her piece of fruit:) So, I am thinking maybe your establishment is too big to be called a farm and you should refer to it as the RANCH 🙂

  6. I think having chickens put you well on your way to having a farm. I’m not sure you need a barn.

    I love the way your mind works though…like worrying about putting the chicken house where the vultures were circling. I’m always looking for signs…

  7. Becky: Let’s see, they were circling before there were any chickens on the spot. I have to ask, how long did you stand still in one spot. It’s not good to confuse those poor buzzards. You need to move if they start circling above. LOL
    It’s definetly a farm if you raise chickens and the coup is your little barn.

  8. Oh, my… let me see. Do you have a cow? Or a goat? Or pigs? Husband- check… Kids- check… The Captain and the kids ought to make it a farm, at least a funny farm. That’s what I say I live on and I don’t have any chickens…YET. I’m planning on getting a chicken house and pen built into a shed that was here when we bought the place. We call it the goat shed because someone who lived here before had goats in it. But my goal for this winter is getting me a place where I can have chickens. Got me the bug bad after baby-sitting my niece’s place for a week last spring. Gonna get me some chicklets in the spring. So we will both be having some fresh eggs, or “aigs” s some folks say. Ignore the buzzards. Like the Fishing Guy said just don’t stand in one place for too long.


  9. A farm for sure! How wonderful that someone is giving you the chicken coop! I love how God provides and wants to give us gifts that we love! Hope to hear more…

  10. You can have a chicken farm in your house if you want to. It is all up to you and what you want. Yay for chickens. We don’t have a barn at all, just a chicken coop that was here when we moved in. We only have eight hens (we have had up to twelve in past years) and we find that gives us plenty of eggs plus enough to give away to famiiy members.

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