Loss For Words

I’ll share, with you, a secret.

While I’m constantly on the lookout for pictures to go with a story that may be brewing in my head.

Sometimes I have no words. Just pictures.


I get writers block. Or bloggers block. Whatever you want to call it.

I have an empty head.

While people who know me on the outside of this computer, may say I always have an empty head, those of you who know me here in blogland…

know different.


Occasionally, I can spin a tail and bring you into the story itself.


Not today. Maybe not even tomorrow. Who knows when something will click and the words will start flowing through my fingertips.

Surely, it won’t last forever.

I’ll eventually, dredge up a memory.

Or something stupidly funny will happen right in front of my empty head and immediately fill it with words.

But until then enjoy my pictures.


Cause I’m at a loss for words.


10 comments on “Loss For Words

  1. Writers/bloggers block is an everyday occurrence for me. It’s a struggle every time I attempt to write something. Put me in a room with people and I have lots to say….my problem is spelling the words close enough that spell check can figure out what I’m saying.

    Love your pictures of the out buildings.

  2. I love your pictures-the white stands out so well. And I sooo relate to your words. Sometimes I feel the exact same way-almost in a panic “oh no what do I do next?” It’s nice to know I’m not alone 🙂

  3. I often have to have pictures to continue my story…or a photo to start it. I totally know what you’re talking about. And I love the pictures you have in this post! NICE!!

  4. I have the same problem quite often and it looks like a lot of folks do. I often wondered how columnists like Erma Bombeck could just spew forth stuff. It will come though.

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