No More Swatting Grasshoppers

Back in August, The Captain and I ran across a geat deal on lawn furniture.

And it would have been even better if the hardware had been in the box.

Last Wednesday, we finally received the hardware.

And Thursday, we received the hardware again.

See, here are both sets.


It’s either feast of famine.

I wanted to have the furniture put together so we could sit in it at the bonfire we had planned to start on Saturday night. After all, you can’t expect to stand the whole time it takes to burn a rather large brush pile.


We had the bon fire without the chairs. Too many errands to run on Saturday, to have time to put them together.

On Sunday, we put the furniture together. It went well, except for one bolt. Which The Captain called a few choice words. Tired of listening to him complain about it, I took it over. Then I called it several not-so-nice names. Why is it, that there is always one that don’t want to do what it’s supposed to?

We passed it by and kept on working. Leaving it for last. The Captain got out his tap set and retapped the hole the bolt goes in and we finally finished.



I’ll be darned if I was gonna take it back to the store after I had waited all that time for the hardware.

After putting them together, we sat in them for about 15 minutes and had to go inside because we were freezing out patooties off.


No more sitting in the yard swatting grasshoppers for us. We’ll be sitting back relaxing with a cold glass of lemonade like the rest of America.

Just as soon as it warms back up.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have to go pack them away for winter.


11 comments on “No More Swatting Grasshoppers

  1. One bolt that doesn’t fit, isn’t that the way it always works? Despite all the bad words, it looks like it resulted in a nice set of lawn furniture. Happy lawn sitting, even if it is next year! *smiles*

  2. Becky: I do hope your patootie (whatever that thing was) warmed up soon after going inside. LOL I guess you are no piker afterall with that neat tap set. Oh well, they are now safe for the Winter.

  3. I am still laughing. I love that you got two sets. Isn’t that just ironic? Yes Becky get those packed away. You wouldn’t want them to be used before next summer would you?

  4. I’m so glad the hardware finally came. I guess the guy did order it and forgot huh!
    Don’t put them away just yet – I bet you have a couple of warm days. I’ve known it to be be warm down there for Thanksgiving.
    They look really nice!

  5. Aren’t those the same chairs that you were going to “borrow” the hardware from the set in front of the store?? That post had me in stitches! Sorry you froze your patooties, only, I don’t know, 5 months or so before you can sit there again…

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