Sit In It Anyway

I told you this will be the first time I vote in a Presidential election.

I have proof.



While that little sticker may not mean much to many. But to me it means alot. I have done my civic duty. I have joined the ranks of millions. I am now a full fledged American.

I voted.

And I took a picture of my little sticker for posterity. Yes, I am bragging. I have that right.



I’m done now.

On another note…

Look what was delivered to my house today…


Lawn furniture hardware!!!


Eleven weeks after the purchase date.

And if I can get the furniture put together this weekend, we might still just have a little time to sit in it, in the yard, before I put it away for the winter.

If not, I’ll have a bonfire and sit in it anyway.

Wanna join me?


6 comments on “Sit In It Anyway

  1. I will be right there to sit on your new furnicher!
    The first time I voted was 8 years ago & I am 43.
    It took me awhile to be brave enough.
    It is easy, & there are hardly any lines when you vote in an unpopulated area!

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