Favorite Storyteller

When I was a child, I begged my Dad to tell me bedtime stories.

He didn’t read out of a book. He made up his stories as he went.

He could tell a story in such a way, that your imagination took over. You were there. In living color. (Does anyone remember that phrase?)

He told jokes in the same manner.

Even into my adulthood, he would tell me things and make my imagination go wild. Not just made up stories. But real life true events that happened during his lifetime. I was there watching. As Dad drove that car down airport hill, at night, with no headlights. Or when his friend Emil thought he was shot. Or when my cousin tried to climb the wall when a mongoose box scared him.

I was sitting there wide eyed, hanging on everyword.

Dad could make me laugh when no one else could.

He could erase my sadness and wipe away the tears.

Must be why I like sharing the stories I’ve heard throughout my lifetime. It must be in my blood, enstilled in my heart. Or maybe, it’s my way of keeping the memories of my Dad alive.

I have a vivid imagination. I give credit to my Dad and other story tellers for that. I believe when I’m old and feeble, unable to move about by myself. I’ll live in a world of my own with my imagination to keep me company.

I’ll travel to foreign contries and do things I’ve never done. Everyone will call me a crazy old lady. That’s okay. The people in my head will love me for who I am. And enjoy my adventures along with me.

Does anyone remember Mac Davis? He was a storyteller/musician. He had a television show when I was a child that I liked. Especially, the part when someone out of the audience would give him a subject and he would, on the spot, make up a short, usually funny, little song using that subject.

How about you?

Ever heard of a mongoose box?

Do you have a favorite story teller?

Anyone remember Mac Davis?

11 comments on “Favorite Storyteller

  1. I think we have an awfull lot in common!
    I loved Mac Davis, I actualy had a crush on him when I was a little girl.
    I have always liked old story’s. My Mom used to buy me a magazine full of them. I think it was called “The good old days”
    On a recent trip my daughter put sticky notes on my seat saying “A crazy old lady sat here”
    I said “I always wanted to be a crazy old lady, so I have succeeded!”

  2. Mac Davis! That’s one I hadn’t thought about in a while. He did the best cricket imitation I’ve ever heard, besides being able to sing. I remember watching him on Johnny Carson one night and him telling the story about cutting open his big toe on a dried up piece of Rice Crispy cereal that one of his kids had dropped on the floor. It was bad enough that he had to have a couple of stitches in it, and his ability to spin a yarn had Carson rolling with laughter. He was so cute… I wonder if he’s still as cute.



  3. Becky-loved this post. I know we have similar relationships with our Dads-and I can’t begin to understand how you must miss him.

    Pap is the best story teller for me-like you I’ve ridden along in big rigs with no brakes, in the back of the car when someone was shot and up and down to many mountains to count.

    I too remember Mac Davis-such a likable person-he seemed like someone who lived down the road.

  4. I have never heard of a mongoose box…or Mac Davis. My favorite story tellers are more readers than anything. With my girls, we have listened to our fair share of audio books. My favorites are Tim Curry reading the Lemony Snicket books. Cherry Jones reading “Because of Winn Dixie.” Actually she is my favorite reader ever. Jim Dale is also an AMAZING reader. I really admire that ability because while I can talk a blue streak…I always loose my voice when reading.

    I love this tribute to your dad…

    I lost my dad almost two years ago. And while not exactly a story teller…he was a collector of stories. A book lover and a librarian. Maybe our dads are comparing stories 🙂

  5. Very nice tribute to your Dad and nice pics!
    We didn’t take a lot of pictures before I got camera crazy. I have some I treasure but wish there were more.
    My Grandpa used to tell stories and we never knew if they were true or not. I’ve often wished I had tape recorded him.
    Mac Davis – oh my! I loved his show. His smile made me smile as you have made me smile remembering today!

  6. Mac Davis! I just had “O Lord it’s hard to be Humble” song on my blog for the last several weeks! I had a huge crush on him when I was 6! HAHAAHa!
    What a great tribute to your dad! What beautiful memories. You do wind a great tail!

  7. Oh I remember Mac Davis. Wow! I hadn’t thought of him in many years. This post has me missing my father who passed away nineteen years ago. He told stories as well. Love this post.

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