It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

While I have been snapping pictures of Autumn in my little dot on the map…

I have realized that I have a love/hate relationship with Fall.

While I love the changing colors of the leaves and the fresh crisp air.

I hate the fact that winter is getting nearer.

I love the waves of blackbird and the Canadian geese V-formation flying through on their way to some tropical paradise.

I hate the fact that the butterflies and baby critters are gone.

Then there’s Halloween. My favorite holiday.

It’s now over with another year to wait.

I love the freshly mowed hay and the full hay barns.

I hate seeing the cows and horses standing in the cold. I know God provides them with what they need to keep warm, but it still saddens me.

Walking in the woods, hearing the crunching of leaves. Watching a squirrel scamper about, stocking up his winter supply.

Soon the trees will be bare. Fall will be gone and winter will take its place.

It’s a love/hate relationship with Autumn that I must experience year after year.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.



13 comments on “It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

  1. And here we are saying goodbye to winter and hello to our summer!! I am loving our drawn out days and it being still daylight when I get home from work!! I love throwing all the windows open too and letting the fresh air in! Thanks for the great photos….I love your photos:)

  2. Becky: I was just thinking that on my long drive yesterday. The beauty of the trees has changed during the last week. It went from the stunning Fall show to a browning and leave dropping experience. We do live with change as we move through Fall.

  3. I know what you mean. I have been trying to focus on each day and not the dread of winter because I find myself losing the day when I do that. I love your photos.

  4. I agree, though I do like winter. Just wish it would be over after the new year instead of lasting all the way through March and part of April!
    By the way, I tried your drop biscuits in my biscuits and gravy this morning and we all LOVED them! Thanks, I’ll be using that recipe from now on! They were awesome!

  5. My brother and I had to run to town today for groceries and I was thinking on the way home that I need to get out with my camera. While we don’t have a lot of color in our native scrub oaks and blackjacks, we do have some sweet gum trees and maples that are getting their fall dresses on… Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the inspiration to get off my butt.


  6. Love the pics-all great!! Fall doesn’t seem to last long before winter takes over. I can see why you have a love/hate relationship with it. I don’t really have a favorite season-by the time one is ending I’m ready for the next one. Although winter cold does seem to bother me more each year.

  7. You still have a little way to go it looks like.
    Leaves that were beautiful two or three days ago are gone and I’m looking through many bare trees.
    Up near Mom’s today (an hour away) the trees are bare!
    I love all the seasons and the different kinds of beauty each has to offer. There was seven inches of snow at Snowshoe this week and I can hardly wait to post my first snow shot – the color is almost gone and I’m ready for the white stuff.

  8. Our winter consists of a LOT of rain and the rainy season officially started yesterday. October’s my favorite month of the year, but I love the feel and smells of November as well.

  9. Hey! You know how to really say goodbye to summer and welcome fall and winter in….. THE BEACH on a clear crisp October day! Maybe next year???

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