Yard Loafer

My Brother-in-law, lives somewhere in the mid-west. And on a normal October night he would be graced with TP covering his yard and trees.

He is well liked in his community. You can read more about that from yesterday’s post.

But this time, while my Mother and Father-in-law were visiting……

my Brother-in-law received a strange delivery during the night.

It seems that when he was leaving for work, he discovered a strange being, sitting in his front yard.

A yard loafer.

Fred takes up residence in your front yard and stays there until you pay to have him removed.

His eyes glow a menacing red. While his toilet bowl glows an eerie blue.

Oh, he’s friendly and all. Waving at all who pass by.

But he sits there, loafing. Until he is physically moved to another unsuspecting yard.

You see, Fred is a member of the local fire department. He helps raise funds by volunteering to loaf around in the yards of the local townspeople.

He cops a squat in someones yard and resides there until the resident of that home pays a $10.00 fee to have him removed.

Quite a clever fund-raising idea they’ve came up with in the mid-west.

I hope this catches on all across the United States.

 I like the Halloween theme. Not all people do.

But that would give them a reason to pay the fee a little quicker, to get him to find another yard to loaf around in.

I like Fred, the yard loafer!

How about you?

Do they do this, or something similar, in your town?

If so, I’d love to see some pictures!!!




11 comments on “Yard Loafer

  1. That is an absolutely brilliant fund raising idea! I must remember that if I am ever asked for ideas by someone:) I would pay hundreds of dollars if someone put a garden gnome on my lawn…..I just can’t take to those happy little painted, almost horror movie, type faces!!!…. and watch out for the little suckers with the fishing rods!

  2. What a great way to raise money! That would be so fun to do. I’ll have to pass this idea on to a few people I know. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  3. Our church does something like this! It’s called getting flocked. You can buy insurance so that you don’t get flocked – or you can pay for the flock of flamingos to be removed from your yard…with all funds going to the youth group 🙂

  4. When we lived in Bartlesville, OK, there was some group that was rising money that would put a herd of flamingos in people’s yards and they would have to donate to get them moved. I never got them put in my yard, but if I had I would not have donated to get them removed. I would have donated to get them to leave them in my yard. I love flamingos and one of these days I’ll have me a herd of them grazing out here in the red dirt. My neighbors will think I’m crazier than they already think I am… I may even make me up a “yard loafer” to watch over the flock…

    Too much fun… thanks.


  5. I LOVE IT!! WHat a great idea!! I think I will make a similar Yard ornament!! How awesome, and fun! My son is trying to raise money to got to Ireland, hmmmm I see an opportunity! Thanks!!!

  6. That is such a clever idea for a fund raiser. I love it. We don’t have something like that here but we do have a couple times a year the “Fill the Boot” fundraiser. The firemen carry their boot in traffic and people fill it up with cash while at lights and such. Pretty cool as well.

  7. What a really cool idea! Of course, he’s totally freaky and those red eyes scare the heck out of me. I’d pay a lot more than $10 to get him GONE. BUT, I love this. Very creative, fun and awesome!!

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