An October Visit

The Captain is from a small town in the midwest.

We visited in the month of October. Halloween time.

Where I come from, on Halloween, we TP’d the house of someone who had scorned us. Someone we didn’t like. Maybe a school teacher.

Either way, we only TP’d the enemy’s house. Right?

In The Captain’s hometown, if you get TP’d, it means you are liked. The more you get TP’d, the more you are liked.

It goes on, the whole month of October. Beginning to end.

While there, our son, Boo, got to participate in this ritual.

He was having too much fun to realize how cold and wet he was.

First, they stopped for dinner, just before dark. And planned their strategy. Then off to Walmartz, to stock up on the tools of the trade. The got sly grins and knowing nods as they each walked out with all the TP they could carry.

Then it’s off into the darkness. Staying in the shadows.

Two of the main objects to the fun, is one, to not get caught and two don’t lose your whole roll of TP into a tree. You must keep it rolling, unwinding.

My brother-in-law and his family still live in TP country the mid-west. And according to the reports I’m getting, he has been TP’d once a month, the whole year. He is well liked in his part of the woods.

I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.

Personally, I would get tired of climbing trees and standing on ladders to remove the decorations the admirers have so fondly adorned the yard with.

Boo wants to move there. Just so he can TP peoples houses.

I, personally, have a few people in mind who I would like to TP.

How about you?

Note: My Mother and Father-in-law took these pictures during their recent trip to the mid-west. Thank you, Mom and Dad!!

This is not my Brother-in-law’s house. He had something a little more interesting delivered to his yard while my Mother and Father-in-law were visiting. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


10 comments on “An October Visit

  1. Becky: I’ll never forget the time some of my daughters girlfriends were doing my house. I had been watching a late movie with the lights out. I went out the door and caught them red(white)handed with the TP. They were getting ready to run and I told them to have fun. It’s way better then someone throwing eggs against your siding.

  2. Boy, did this post bring back memories. I was raised in Okla. City and 50 years ago we targeted people we liked. We had a lot of friends (there being 6 of us kids) and our home got t-p-ed a bunch. I have cleaned up a bunch of it in my life, and I have also thrown a lot of rolls into trees myself. Tell Boo that he wants to throw it with a spin to help it roll out as it goes… let me know if he needs me to come teach him…

    Thanks for the memories… and the laughs.


  3. Oh we used to tp only those we didn’t like or those we wanted to play a joke on. Never was it a good thing though. Cleaning up a soggy mess of tp in your rainy yard was horrible. Fun memories though.

  4. Sorry to say but we threw eggs at Halloween rather than tp…..and we would buy them like a week in advance and leave them outside to get rotten and typically threw them at the cars of rivals.
    One year my car was egged so bad with the windows down, it smelled like rotten eggs when we turned the heater on.
    Shhhh….don’t tell my kids…they thought I was an angel in school!!

  5. It’s fun to do but what a mess to clean up. I wouldn’t want to have to clean that up. Around our neck of the woods you get TP’d when someone Doesn’t like you – because it is such a mess to clean up.

  6. We did this when I was growing up in Austin, Texas. We only TP’d boys we liked. It was SO much fun. And we usually showed up the next day to help clean up. I think it’s a fun ritual.

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