Here are a few pictures from my skull collection.

This is Rattles, he hangs around outside.

 This is Boo wearing his mask on his way to the graveyard to decorate.

He wasn’t at all happy that I was snapping pictures.  Why is it when I try to get good pictures of him, he hides or makes a face?

This one lights up, like the pumpkins I showed you before.

And this is my favorite, so far.

Here’s what it looks like, turned off.

This is with the lights off.

And this is with the lights off and the skull on.

Cool, huh? Now you know why it’s my favorite.

I like my boneheads, wish I had more.

During Halloween and Christmas, I like to keep the lights off and enjoy the light shows.

The rest of the year I miss the twinkling and glowing. Which is what made me decide to keep my fiber optic Christmas tree out all year long.

Making it my Holiday tree. So it’s not specific to any holiday.

When I start pining for the twinkling, I just turn it on and enjoy.


8 comments on “Boneheads

  1. My favourite is the last skull….not sure why…just is:) With all the holidays you have over there I think it is a great idea to have a “multi holiday” tree!! I am sooooo jealous of your holidays and the decorating etc. The biggest we do is Christmas.

  2. Looks like you’re really into Halloween. Our oldest daughter, her husband and their son also love Halloween and really get into decorating for that day.

  3. I also love that last one. I only have one bonehead and it is kind of creepy. I will post a little video of what it does soon. It actually scares my little grandkids.

  4. Becky: What an amazing grouping of skulls. Tonight is the big night in Kent when all the Halloween reveliers come out on the streets and the bars. I’ll try to capture some photos to show on the blog.

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