Sunday Morning Breakfast

I told you previously that on Sunday morning, The Captain makes breakfast. And how it makes me smile while I eat my bacon sandwiches.

But when I decide to make Sunday morning breakfast, they’re faces light up.

My Dad was famous in our family for his Sunday morning breakfasts.

We would wake up to the smell of bacon or sausage frying.

My kids didn’t sleep in late on Sunday morning. They knew if they were up early enough they would get to help make biscuits.

He always made fried taters. His were my favorite. And I have not been able to duplicate them yet.

We would starve while everything cooked. Sitting in the kitchen chatting or pacing the floor, waiting.

But when we sat down to a plate of bacon, biscuits, scrambled eggs, fried taters and homemade gravy it was pure heaven!

Not the healthiest, I know. But it was my favorite meal. Everyone loves my Sunday breakfasts. But it doesn’t even compare to the ones my Dad made. It’s the kind that sticks to your ribs.

If I can keep getting those fresh eggs, like I got at Cherry Place Farm. I might be inclined to make Sunday breakfast more often.

I wonder why some eggs have spots and some don’t? And how do they get there? On second thought, I don’t wanna know!

Do you have good memories of Sunday morning breakfasts?


13 comments on “Sunday Morning Breakfast

  1. Good Sunday Morning! Yes After church we would go to breakfast. Us kids loved this! There were 5 of us, and when my mom would fix breakfast, I think she used every pot in the house! We would be doing dishes for hours! SoGoing out was so much more fun! Plus we could order different food.
    Now Sunday is the day I try to make breakfast for all the kids. They love pancakes and bacon. Also they are old enough to help, which is fun.
    Spots on eggs! LOL! I prefer mine scrambled, no spots!! he he!

  2. The post actually made my mouth water. I love breakfast perhaps more than any other meal. I like everything you talked about in your post and I like the old fashioned bacon and ham and sausage. I loved sugar cured ham. Oh my.

    And dropped biscuits are good to eat anytime. Some folks on my side from the hills of WVA make pan bread. Enough to last all day. Lordy do I like that stuff too.

    This post absolutely made me hungry. And the photos are excellent.

  3. yummmm….I am salivating here!! We usually have a cooked Sunday breakfast because it is the only day of the week where there seems to be the time for such things! I also love going down to a little cafe by the beach and having a late brunch…..devine!!

  4. Mmmm….I love a good breakfast…we even have them sometimes for dinner.
    Life is too short not to enjoy biscuits and gravy, fried taters, corned beef hash…..all those yummy things!!

  5. I’ve got my own fresh eggs. The yolks are bright orange & yummy.
    I usualy cook pancakes, bacon & scrambeled eggs on Sunday mornings.
    when I was in high school I used to do my brothers chores for him if he would cook eggs for me. I wasn’t a very good cook back then.

  6. When I was a child my maternal grandmother made the best breakfasts hands down. Her biscuits were heavenly melt in your mouth. I have never been able to replicate them.

  7. Mmmmmm. Prince Farming is our Sunday Morning Chef. I am the Sous Chef. He makes the best pancakes (from scratch) or waffles. And biscuits & gravy, or eggs (to order). Yummy. And the spots on the eggs? It depends on the breed of chicken. Some speckle. Some don’t. Just like some eggs are white and some are brown. Farm eggs are best. We’ll be growing our own soon enough – I’ll share!

  8. I usually don’t care for breakfast but this morning you have made me hungry for breakfast. So many people LOVE breakfast and could eat it any time of day, my husband being one of them. If I serve breakfast of an evening his eyes light up.

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