Putting It Past Me

Thanks, Everyone for the Birthday wishes!

And thank you, for contributing to our Halloween story!

I really enjoyed reading each day’s comment contributions. And I am glad everyone had as much fun as I did. Not the ending you expected, huh? The story had so many twists and turns that I couldn’t let it end any other way, than by making one more final twist. Made it even more fun, I think.

I had planned to get photographically creative. I had pictures swirling around in my head and ideas of how to create those photos. One’s I could create and publish along with the story. But, alas, it was not possible.

You see, my son suddenly decided to move he and his family back to West Virginia. This weekend was filled with sadness for me. As I watched a U-haul truck drive past my house, to his and park. Vehicles in and out. Much commotion going on. And a lot of turmoil inside my head.

I will miss them and the happiness they brought to my life. I know they must move on and do what they think is best for them.

But that doesn’t stop the heartache and sadness dwelling inside.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with something to make you giggle.

But for now, I’m gonna dwell in my sadness one more day and then put it past me.




9 comments on “Putting It Past Me

  1. Well just dwell in it long enough to eat a pint of ice cream and watch some soap operas then get to taking those pics!
    Seriously, I hope you feel better soon- perhaps you should go to the State Fair.

  2. Awww, I’m sorry that you’re feeling down right now. With my kids being little, it’s hard for me to imagine them ever leaving us! And I don’t want to imagine it. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I’m sorry you’ve been having a rough time. And how nice you are to still complete the story and add all the links-just for us-even though your in a rough patch of life. Just think of it as a new beginning for your son and his family. A fresh start.

  4. I am sad to hear you are sad! The feeling will pass I guess….as does everything….or at least become easier to bear. Thanks again for doing the story under those circumstances.

  5. I always look at good-byes as destinations. A place to visit. Doesn’t make the good-bye much easier or less sad, but it’s a focus that dilutes the emotion ever so slightly. I think this might be license to spend a day in PJs and do crafts – or something you enjoy. Anne of Green Gables calls this a “Jonah Day” – and you’re entitled. Thanks for sharing your experience with us – maybe that will be part of the therapy too.

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