Straight Off The Tree

Here on the farm, we have numerous pecan trees. I ‘ve never had a fancy for pecans. Having only eaten the store bought ones.

As long as we’ve lived here, I never tried one straight off the tree. Until a couple of years ago.

Now, I love them. But they are so hard to get out of the shell. Except in little bitty pieces.

Which makes one think, maybe it’s not worth the effort.

About that same time, my Dad told me that my Father-in-law had this nutcracker that would get them out in whole pieces. I was reluctant to believe this. I had to see it for myself. How could one nutcracker be different from any other?

My Mother loved pecans. So I borrowed my Father-in-law’s nutcracker. Picked up some pecans to crack for her. Was I in for a surprise!

Have you seen one of these?

They work like a dream. And yes, they get them out in whole peices. I was amazed!

Summer before last, I had to have one. So I began my search. I ended up ordering one online here.

Then we had a late freeze that killed all our pecan crop last fall. I have spent all this time waiting.

Waiting for the pecans to get ready, so I could use my very own nutcracker. And eat pecans until my heart is content.

Unfortunately, this nut cracker is not strong enough to crack a black walnut shell.

This (above) is the first pecan of the year. The shell is brickle and the pecan is rotten. Which is why it crushed instead of cracked.

I am so disappointed. I am hoping the rest of the crop is not effected this way.

I have waited so long!!!

I am just wondering if our dought conditions, has effected these pecans in this way?

They are just beginning to fall. So it’s still early to determine how the rest will turn out.

Keep your fingers crossed!


9 comments on “Straight Off The Tree

  1. That thing looks like some kind of torture device. 🙂
    I do hope you get to enjoy some pecans (and your new nutcracker) this year!

  2. I have only ever had them out of the packet. I think that contraption would crack anything!! The best I have grown is lemons and carrots! I would love some land….

  3. Last year we had a drought and it affected the nut crop, as in none, zippo, zilch, that’s why the squirrles are nawing on my wooden patio furniture (at least that is what someone told me). Hope all your nuts aren’t lost – ha ha ha ha – I crack myself up some times.

    Can’t wait to see how the story turns out.

  4. We have LOTS of walnuts too! It’s actually Black Walnut Festival Weekend in Spencer this weekend.

    I hope your pecans aren’t all bad – a pecan pie would certainly be good.

  5. Lucky you to have a pecan tree. The winters are too cold for them here. The Deer Hunter always gets us some from down in GA where he deer hunts. Lots of trees there-and most folks are willing to sell you some.

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