Izzy Ded

 I’m not the only one here in my area who likes to decorate for Halloween.

At Christmas we always take leisurely drives to see all the lights and decorations.

Well, we do that for Halloween, too. Cause, like I said, I’m not the only one around here who likes Halloween.

In the coming weeks I will be posting pictures of Halloween. Pictures of my decorations and those of the areas which I visit.

We had a real haunted house here on the farm when Boo was about 7 and he slept in my bed for the next 6 months.

The Moms took all the kids trick or treating. The teens and the Dads all stayed behind and decorated my house, inside and out, with the decorations I had supplied and things they either brought with them or things they made. I made them promise it wouldn’t be too scary. The kids weren’t ready for a REAL haunted house.

Do you think they listened?

Ohhh, noooo!

The first thing that met us was a revved up chainsaw and a monster on the front porch. From a standing position, in less than a second, Boo had his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck. If he were any closer, he would have been skin!

I swore it off.

I began to  involve him in the decorating. I was teaching him, in the process of decorating, that it is all fake. A big hoax. It’s just for fun.

This guy guards my haunted cemetery.

(that’s a sweat suit I painted with glow-in-the-dark puffy paint) (except for the mask)

Now he really gets into the decorating thing with me.

He’s beginning to come up with some pretty good ideas of his own.

He’s a chip off the old block.

So, do you drive around town looking for Halloween decorations, too?


9 comments on “Izzy Ded

  1. No one here decorates for Halloween either! We have to take our kids into town for Trick Or Treating! We don’t even get trick or treaters at our house!! It’s a lot different now. I remember it was so much fun when I was a kid, ya know a couple months ago!!
    Your decorations are great!! Keep up the Spirit!!

  2. We have a 4 block long neighborhood in our town that goes all out….one house has built a haunted pirate ship in front, one has a huge cemetary….they block off both ends of the street and let in so many at a time…it’s a great place to go trick or treat….
    I love Halloween!!

  3. More great decorations!
    Not so many people decorate here and I only had two little ones last year so I won’t do much.

    (By the way the water post on my blog today was taken in May up near Sanderson.)

  4. Love the decorations! A chainsaw-what were they thinking!! Year before last we went to the girls teacher’s house to trick or treat-and the was actually hiding outside by the house with a chainsaw. Thanks goodness we spotted him before he had time to surprise us.

  5. I think I need to drive around and take pictures for you. Sometimes our STREET is so decorated it’s crazy. There have been years that trick-or-treating means at least 3 mini haunted houses just on our short street. We’ll see what this year holds. We have a very festive neighborhood.

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