It’s Coming. Are You Ready?

We spent this weekend getting ready for Halloween.

Mowing was first on the agenda.

I took the riding mower.

Boo with the pushmower.

The Captain with the weedeater.

Took all of three hours. With all of us working together.

With that finished…

We pulled the Halloween goodies out of storage.

Here is most of it…

Here’s more…

There’s only a little more.

And there’s more to be completed.

We’re getting started. FINALLY!

Boo, The Captain and I spent a couple of hours setting some of it up. Outside.

But it’s not ready to show you, yet.

It’s coming.

Are you ready?


8 comments on “It’s Coming. Are You Ready?

  1. Halloween just doesn’t really happen over our way! It sounds like so much fun and everybody goes all out for it.. I’m jealous:)

  2. Can’t wait to see it…..I’m too lazy this year to pull everything out.
    I think I am just gonna pass it on to my daughter this year…she can decorate her house with my junk!
    then I can turn out the porch light and pretend I’m not home……just kidding..

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