Cool Autumn Day

I like to walk around the farm in the Spring and Fall. There are so many changes taking place. I am sometimes fascinated by the simplest things.

The leaves are changing.


And Falling. Red bud tree.

The berries are ripening. Poke berry.


As are the persimmons. By the way, I have a gazillion of these things ripening on several trees and I have no idea what to do with them. Do any of you have any recipes or suggestions? Something other than green persimmon wine.

The nuts are almost ready to harvest. Hickory.

Black Walnut.

There are a few late bloomers left. Daisy.



The birds have hatched and sent their fledglings off into the world and are leaving for warmer weather.

I’m hoping this empty nest doesn’t get blown by the wind. I’d like to find eggs in it next spring.

In a few short weeks I’m gonna be missing these!

Hope you enjoyed another walk around the farm on this cool autumn day.

 This weekend we will be mowing and setting up Halloween. We have to wait until the grass stops, or atleast slows, the growing process. I can’t have tall grass covering up my Halloween..

And you know you’ll see it all here.

14 comments on “Cool Autumn Day

  1. Wonderful Pictures! Growing up I think I remember family members talking about making persimmon jelly or something like that. I know one time I thought I’d try a persimmon, bad idea, it was so sour that I have never given a thought to anything made out of persimmons. You might Google persimmons and see what you come up with.

  2. Beautiful – you could totally be in my neighborhood with this series of shots. You’ve captured the beginning of fall perfectly. Makes me want to take a break and go for a walk with my camera. Very nice.

  3. I want to come walk around your farm with you…. We don’t have any trees to speak of on my little patch of ground, We’ve planted several, but they are just getting started.

    Thanks for the stroll. I love the story idea, too.


  4. All of your pictures are really pretty, but those nest ones…WOW!
    I used to live in a walnut orchard and was just thinking the other day how much I miss having all those nuts for holiday baking ~
    Not a single persimmons recipe in this noggin for you!

  5. Really neat pictures!
    Your hickory nuts are a little farther along than mine.
    I love the red leaves and the poke berries.
    Growing up we had a persimmon tree in our yard and I remember they were so bitter. I don’t think my Mom ever did anything with them. The tree is still there.

  6. thanks for the photographic walk around your place.
    i love the birds nest….it’s so sad that it goes away with all of the hard work they put into making it.
    Looks like fall is here…

  7. Love the walk around your farm. I wonder if there is still any honeysuckle in Missouri. I’ll find out in a couple of days. My dad’s place has almost everything you photographed. Maybe I should take some pictures and compare the differences in a different area…

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