When A Cow Yells At You…


Saturday, The Captain, Boo and I made our weekly trip to the Convenience Center.


For those of you who may not have this in your area, I’ll explain. We have no rural trash pick up.

Placed all over the county are these Convenience Centers. It’s the place we take our trash and recyclables.

I like when The Captain drives, it leaves me free to take pictures.

Below is a full hay barn. A sense of peace for the local farmers. Work is done and the critters have an ample supply of food for the winter.

Round hay bales waiting to be picked up and stored.

The Captain stopped the truck so I could take pictures of these cows. One of them kept yelling at me.

This one. See her looking at me?


I thought she was warning me to stay out of her pasture.

She kept yelling and staring at me. The others ignored me.

After several bites from some of the “300 RED ANTS” crawling up my leg and me doing a dance on the side of the road, I realized she was trying to tell me to watch out for that ant hill.

Next time, I’ll pay closer attention when a cow yells at me.

I absolutely despise red ants! And yeah, that’s my footprint.

If there is one thing that will make me lose my religion, it’s those, umm, darn, red ants.

On the way back we came across this little guy.

I couldn’t help but scratch his little donkey head. He was very friendly!

Makes me think that maybe I’d like to have a little donkey for the farm.

Now if only I could convince The Captain!


10 comments on “When A Cow Yells At You…

  1. Your trash dump is a lot fancier than ours! Bigger too.

    Loved the donkey-I’m with you I need one of my own-he is so adorable. Tell the Captain I think you need one-since you do have a pasture and all.

  2. You write about fire ants and I’m already scratching! YUCK! I’ve stepped in those ant piles before – not fun.

    The donkey was adorable. I’d have to pet him too. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. Thanks for the pictures. Keep working on the Captain, you NEED a little donkey for the farm. ha ha So the cow was yelling something like – “hey you, your standing on a fire ant hill” 😉

    By the way I updated my post about Zodiac signs. Dah – I should have written if any of it sounded like me. Thanks for asking.

  4. I’m obviously catching up, but have to say that maybe the cows have repented and are trying to be nice to you!

    I love the donkey. My mom used to have donkeys, and my dad has two of them still. My girls like to feed them.

    In previous posts, love your birdhouse gourds!!! CUTE!

    And I would call Lantern Weed, “Lantern something-or-another.”

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