A Fencepost Request

Today it begins.

Halloween has finally arrived.

 And we’re gonna do something a little different.  Something fun. A little out of the ordinary.

I like out of the ordinary.

And it involves all my readers. I request your help with some Halloween fun.

Remember when we were young…

We would sit in a circle. Someone would start a story and the next person would add to it. It would continue around until someone ended the story.

I have some very creative friends with imaginations as active as mine.

Here’s where the fun begins. I will start a story, then request each of you to add to the story by adding your contribution in the comments.

Add to the story and if you think of something else to add later, come back and add more, as many times as you like. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything at first. Keep checking in and maybe something will come to you after someone else has added.

Keep the Halloween theme going and keep it clean, nice, spooky and not too gory. Anything inappropriate, will be deleted.

I’ll let it run awhile. Maybe the whole month. It just depends on how much fun we’re having. Then I’ll end it, and the next day’s post will be the full story.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Okay, here we go…

Just before dark, on the outskirts of town, a witch…


 Unlock your inner creativity, I know it’s in there, just waiting to be expressed!


51 comments on “A Fencepost Request

  1. Was hiding behind the barnyard changing into her disguise. Nobody would ever realise, that this innocent looking “farm hand” was really at the town fair to steal……….

  2. well, she would never know what it smelled like….because all that nose hair had destroyed and blocked her sense of smell. But she could still see very well and the look of her crooked and crusty..

  3. toes. Being a witch is hard on the feet. Especially if your broom was always in the shop for repairs. But she didn’t care because she liked to walk to town and….

  4. That always tried to braid her nose hair! The monster was black and green, hairy, smelled like dirty diapers, and……….

  5. She cast a love spell on a farmer that was available, making him fall in love with her. She could then control the farmer and would insure that she had a place close to town to practice her magic because Halloween would soon be here. She had big plans for this Halloween. She……

  6. 60’s girl group CD’s. She might be a witch, but she still liked to shake her good thang!!…her new farmer love came in just as she was stirring her brew and before she could stop him he took a sip….thinking it was that night’s dinner……
    He started to choke and………………..

  7. the then most wondrous thing happened. The farmer started to grow. He grew and grew and grew. Before you knew it his head started to poke through the roof and as he stood up the whole house lifted off its foundation. Why the witch…..

  8. very nearly fell off her stool, craning her neck as she watched hm grow ever taller… Quickly she started going over her recipe and the ingredients in her head. Bat wings, ear hair, grasshopper wings, inchworms…

  9. Halloween mischief.

    That night, as the moon was shining and the stars were twinkling the witch has seduced the man and they were both dancing naked at the strike of midnight. Thank goodness, she thought, the spell was reversed, the farmer returned to his normal size. This was good news because she had plans for him.

    She went back to her black pot, adjusted the recipe and began to bottle it up.

    The next day, as the farmer was doing repairs to the house, the witch went down to the creek to find…..

  10. a silver toad. Now the silver toad is a very rare commodity and only a witch can tap into its very special powers.

    She began boiling a cauldron full sea snails, pig’s feet, blood from a salamander and…

  11. then it struck her…….why am I doing this? I feel quite “strange”…..sweet mercy….I think I have fallen in love with my farmer!!!! All that naked dancing has messed with my thought process! Do I still want to be an evil witch….no!!!…but how do I become a good witch…..she thought and thought and then it came to her………

  12. that there was only one method. She would have to go to the head witch and admit her predicament.

    She hopped on her broom and then she sailed through the air. She finally reached the head witches house, she thought…..

  13. right back to the same house house with the cottage blue trim. She hovered on her broom and peered into one of the windows… Sure enough, she was at the right house because all her sister witches were cackling together in the kitchen… But there was something different about them… Aha, that was it!

  14. She quickly flew away. And into a tree. It knocked her off her broom and into a swollen creek. The current was too fast and too strong for her to swim out. And without her broom she couldn’ fly out. The creek was taking her closer and closer to town. And without her disguise she was worried that…

  15. the people of the town would see her and realize who she really was and hurt her, or maybe even kill her. What should she do?

    BAM! Her head hit a rock. She remembered being dizzy, then nothing…

    She floated in oblivion to a shallow spot and got stuck. How long she lay there, she did not know, but as she fuzzily woke up, she heard a voice. Did she know it? She was not sure. She opened her eyes, very slowly and saw…

  16. There before her with his robes flowing, the head of his staff glowing a golden yellow stood Tobia. Standing next to him with eyes flashing as brightly emerald stones and his iridescent scales, stood his magnificent dragon, Malicut.

    The Witch began to tremble.

    Tobia opened his mouth to speak, and said…….

  17. trust me, he slyly said, eyes flashing a crimson red. The little witch trembled, not knowing if it was from fright or the cold of the river that had soaked her to the bones. Trust him? she thought. Will he really help me or will I become…

  18. a slimy blue frog. If you got on the wrong side of Tobia, he would change you as quick as a wink. Was that flash of his red eyes a warning or was it meant to be a comfort? These thoughts were swirling in her water soaked head when Tobia said…..

  19. take my hand and I’ll pull you ashore. As she was pulled to the safety of dry land, her head began to clear. She now knew that Tobia only saved her to take her silver toad. But he could not use the silver toad without a witches assistance. If he were ever able to defeat the hairy, black and green, nose hair braiding monster that roamed the forest he would need them both.

  20. Perhaps she could do a deal with Tobia? She would help him and then he would help her to become the good witch she longed to be. But where to find the toad?……….and what of her farmer love?………First she would have to………………………..

  21. , she would have to, she would have to. Oh my, her head was swirling with so many thoughts. She couldn’t get her mind going in the right direction, maybe it was that collision with the tree. There was so much to do and yet she just couldn’t get this one main thought out of her mind.

    She had to……

  22. manipulate Tobia’s motives (whatever they were). She had to cast a spell on him, so he’d assist her in de-witching herself so she could live a happy life with her Prince Farming. Quickly, she . . . .

  23. dried herself off, for she was feeling the chill of being in the stream. She told Tobia that she needed to start a fire to boil some water for tea to take the chill from her bones. As the water began to boil, she got some tea leaves from one of the many secret pockets on her dress. While Tobia was watching her intently, she managed to distract him enough to secretly slip into her tea a pinch of…

  24. grant her the life she had secretly wished. All these years of tormenting the children had really gotten into her head. She really wanted to live the normal life with Prince Farming. A life she had seen when she looked in the window of…..

  25. Sally Johnson’s house. She had witnessed Sally sitting at the kitchen table with her children and her husband playing a game, smiling at one another and laughing together as a family.

    She turned back to her pot and dipped the cup in to get Tobia a drink of her special tea and offered it to Tobia.

    As Tobia reached out to take the cup from the witch, Malicut his dragon roared fire from is mouth and nose and whipped his tail around to knock the cup from the witches hand.

    Tobia took a step back and said, “My dragon Malicut is on to you witch, he sees your treachery and tricks.”

    “That darn dragon”, thought the witch, “first I must get rid of the dragon”.

    Then a thought came to her, she just needed to………

  26. use her last chance to explain to Tobia her problem. She had been trying to use witchery to remove a spell put on her by a witch. Malicut had completely squashed that try. That method was definitely not the answer. She was at her wits end when she turned to Tobia with his flashing red eyes and said. I’ve been an excellent witch all these years but the time has come to……

  27. I think I’ve made him mad!

    Tobias hated to lose another witch to the good side. He would do anything to keep that from happening. Maybe reminding this pretty little farm hand that without her magic to keep her beautiful, she was actually 500 years old would do the trick.

    Tobias gently took her hand….

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