Lantern Weed

On my recent trip around the farm, I noticed how the flowers have begun to change.

The succulents bloom in the summer, then the flowers begin to change colors.

I began taking pictures of these succulent flowers when this little guy flew in and dove head first into the flowers. He must’ve been hungry!

When I started taking pictures, he stopped, backed out of the flower and looked at me and stayed there for a remarkable amount of time.

Allowing me to take more pictures.

Either I blinded him with the flash or he is confident in himself to pose for pictures.

When he got tired of posing, he crawled around and under the flower. I couldn’t get a good picture of that. Darn it!

This is a weed, no idea what it’s called. The lantern-like pods are interesting.

I’d really like to know what this is called. Maybe you know!

For now I’ll call it the Lantern Weed.

UPDATE! We now know what these are.

28 comments on “Lantern Weed

  1. That is the most interesting looking plant! Kinda scary. Wonder what’s inside of those pods.

    I am horrible at knowing the names of plants. I wish I did. Because I see things that I like – but I don’t know how to tell our landscaper or the guy at the nursery what I want. Maybe I’ll make my landscaper drive around with me. Oh, wait, we have no gas…

  2. I love those fall colors that are beginning to pop out everywhere. That “lantern weed” is really fun. We don’t have that here, so can’t help you with the name at all….

  3. Your sedum is very cool and catching the beetle was a great addition.

    I’m certainly no expert but the green plant looks like a Chinese Lantern plant. If it is it should turn orange I think and have edible berries inside. I tried to find one I saw in a flower meme this week but I don’t know who had it.
    Hope someone will know for sure.

  4. I actually had a Chinese Lantern plant and those little pods do turn orange in the fall. They are very invasive so if planted in the ground they will pop up everywhere. That plant looks like the same thing I had.

  5. you guys its called goode berries you can eat it…its yellowy orange…its a fruit…dont you guys know this..where is everyone from on here

  6. Thats NOT goose berries. I don’t know what it is but, its taking over my garden. If anyone knows I would love to find out. Its not berries but, seed pods which spreads profusely.

  7. The plant you called lantern weed looks like something that grew in my
    yard one summer. I was told it was jimson weed – very poisonous
    to pets.

    • Jimson weed has spiky seed pods that burst open like a cotton pod. I have the weed with the little green “lantern” pods in my garden…..definitely not Jimson weed. These pods don’t turn orange like the Chinese Lantern plant when they dry, though…..they turn a papery white.

  8. I have seen these plants (weeds) before but haven’t seen them since I was a child in Arkansas. I know they are not goose berries as I have picked many of them.

  9. A “lantern” weed popped up in my garden this year too! We live in S.E. Michigan. Unlike the jimson weed, these lanterns are smooth, jimson weeds have prickly spikes.

  10. I’m glad you posted about the “lantern week.” I googled it and your post came up on the top! I just took a picture of ours and I’m going to yank it off the ground… Thanks!

  11. I found the exact green lantern weed in a flower bed this autumn.
    I have had the Chinese Lanterns before, and this is not the same as the Chinese Lanterns are bright red/orange come autumn and are only about a foot or less tall. My green lantern weed is maybe three feet tall.

    Each pod is protecting a seed, and I can see that many have already fallen, meaning I may have a plethoria of green lantern weeds come next year.


  12. Hi Becky. Nice blog. Thanks for posting this! I have been wondering aswell what this plant is which was in my garden. Cheers Dorr for identification :0) I am in Queensland Australia, and my “chinese lantern weed” as I called it looks exactly the same. I’ve done a bit of research and its a “Tomatillo” Physalis Alkekengi. Apparently the fruit inside is edible and has medicinal properties, but you wouldnt want to eat them if you are trying to conceive as they have natural anti-fertility properties.
    Here’s a couple of links about the plant that may interest:
    I originally ripped mine out because I thought that they might be poisonous, but I hope they seed again as they look beautiful.

  13. Ground Cherry …aka: Bladder Cherry, Cape Gooseberry, Chinese Lantern, Hog-Plum, Husk-Tomato, and Wild-Pompion. The fruit inside the husk is poisonous when unripe, so you should take care to eat them only when they are yellow.

  14. We have the same weed, southern missouri. It doesn’t turn orange, it has thousands of little seeds in each pod. We don’t know what it is either, we pull it, and it still is spreading. Any info please, email.
    Thank u

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