Walk Around The Farm, Autumn

I took another walk around the farm this weekend, just to see what I could find.

Although, my garden didn’t do too well this year. My birdhouse gourds are growing nicely.

I counted seven in all. There could be more hiding in the weed patch that was called my garden.

My little frog man was peeking at me through the wisteria leaves. He is a gift, I hold dear, from a friend who has passed on, due to a tragic accident.

I’ve had this bat house for several years. I always wondered if the bats actually took up residence there.

While looking up into the house, I would have sworn I saw little faces looking back at me.

 The flash from the camera revealed a rather large wasp nest.

It was just wishful thinking.

I’m not much for spiders, but the way the light was shining on this web seemed interesting.

Have you taken a walk around your neck of the woods, lately?

Find anything interesting?

8 comments on “Walk Around The Farm, Autumn

  1. About the Bat House. I used to produce a magazine and then newsletters about environmental issues, back in the 1970s with Mother Earth magazine was an inch thick and cost a couple of dollars.

    One of the things we wrote about was Bat Houses and how to attract bats. I don’t remember all of the details but I do remember there has to be water in the vicinity or immediate area. I don’t remember how close or far away but water was important.

    I will mention that I see bats almost every night when I am in bed and I can look out and see the street light and it is attracting moths of all sizes and descriptions. The bats fly through the light and catch the moths and eat them. It is a nightly happening.

    I hope you show a step-by-step on using your bird house gourds to make bird houses. I would think that would be of interest.

    Your photos are very nice and I like your writing style.

    And, thanks for visiting my blogs.

  2. Great pictures! I just took a picture of pants hanging on my clothesline? Does that count! lol! It was a perfect fall photo! The leaves changing, and laying all over the ground, the early morning light. I think it was a great photo!

  3. Becky: What a neat post and the post photo was cool. The gourds were really neat.
    Funny that I read the post today. I took a walk around the yard last night and found a neat caterpillar. It was something that it turned out to be poisonous. Glad I didn’t pick it up.

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